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New Cat or Not?

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Good morning folks......I am in the process of thinking about getting another cat. As a few of you may (or may not) already know I currently have 2 Persians Bagpuss - she is 3 years old and Jake is 2 years old.

There is an organisation here called 'Feline Freinds' who have abandoned cats and injured cats etc. they take them in and look after them and look for new homes for them. :flash:

Well yesterday I saw one of the cats pictures in the paper. He was soooooooo cute. He is an 8 month old grey and white Persian...okay so the name he had kinda sucked but I would have changed that!

I am in two minds if I should get another cat....I would lurve another cat. I know now that if I were to get one I would definately get a Persian. I have a two bedroom apartment it is not really small enough for my current two to do hot laps every day. Is it fair on the other two?

Look forward to heraring views
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I say if you can afford to take care of another cat go ahead and rescue one. 3 cats that have the run of the apartment seems reasonable to me.

Of course, getting him to fit in may take awhile and you need to be prepared to deal with behavioral difficulties. Try to find out if he has special medical or behavioral problems. It won't necessarily mean you shouldn't adopt him, only that you know in advance that you need to put more of your time into this.

Let us know what you decide!
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I agree, if you can handle the reponsabilities (and vet bills and cat food and...), then go for it. But, I bet your other babies aren't going to speak to you for a month.
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Yes, I agree as well. If you know you can take this on, it is a good thing. The other 2 will probably fuss a little while, but I find that it passes and everyone is happy again.
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I'm with everyone else. I would do it! (but then I'm ruled my emotions more than common sense)
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Amanda; If you can afford it then I don't think you'll find anyone here who thinks it is not a good idea to give love to a deserving cat. I believe the fact that the new boy is also Persian will help with the adjustment. Like breeds seem to adjust quicker to one of their own. As MeowMan said, your others will seem to hate you, but they are just testing you to make sure you still know who is (really) boss.
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T hanks for all your comments guys.

Like airprincess I am also ruled by my emotions. I can afford the new addition to the family. The only thing that worried me was my current babies. I hate them being mad at me.....
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You may as well "go for it" and bring another cat home, or so it seems to me. Everybody will adjust, as all creatures in the cosmos must! It's very good of you to rescue a cat.

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Mr. Cat.....thanks for that - you helped me make the decision..... Thanks

I am away this weekend so I think I will call the woman who is looking to house this little kittie and make arrangements to collect her after the weekend so I can be there sto supervise
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Let me be one of the first to offer you congradulations on your new pet!
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Hey guys...I chose to get the new cat....I need a new name.....any suggestions......
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Amanda; You said the new kitty is a male, right? How about Chaucer ? (as in Cantebury Tales) You are English, right? I just like the name and it seems to go with Bagpuss and Jake.
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If you're a Terry Prachett reader, you could name him Greebo, I just think that's such a cool name
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I am happy you decided to go for it. I just know you must be a loving person if you are willing to take on 3 of these guys. I always felt bad bringing new ones home until I hit about 5. Now it is like clockwork and I didnt have any rebellion until I hit 11. For a male I have always loved the name Danion, but I always seem to wait until I can see their true personalitys.
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In regard to the naming of cats, I agree with Sandie: One ought to wait and see what name manifests itself via the cat's personality. On the other hand, if the cat has already been named I personally believe one ought to honor that name — unless it's a demeaning name, e.g., Poopy.

I've never understood the penchant some people have for being fixated on bodily functions: "My cat farts all the time," et cetera. I'm like, "Gee, thanks ever so much for sharing that precious information."

But that's just me!

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Okay the situation at the moment is is that the little kittie that I was going to take has aready gone to another home...I was told it is on a trial basis and if it does not work then I am welcome to take him

To me that seems kinda rough on the kittie to put him in one home then maybe go and remove him and put him into another home.......So this organisation has put me on the top of the 'wanted' list for a Persian. One may come along in a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

I should have made a decision earlier but never mind I suppose good things come to those who wait.

I will keep you all posted....who knows we could be celebrating by the weekend
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Mr. Cat...your comment about the names really made me laugh.........

Thing is the kitties at Feline Friends are given really silly names that refer to places where they were found....for example:

exhaust....as in pipe
wheelie......as in car wheel
desie........as in desert
Bonnie.....as in car bonnet
scraps.....as in found after a fight
Safeway......found in the parking lot of safeway

and there are huge amount of animals having the same name so one may end up with a pet called Desie 32.

I think when I do get a kittie I will wait a while and then name him/her......
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I am sure one will come along soon. There seems to be an abundance of Persians dumped. I guess people realize how much work they are. Also, theres breeders out there that come out with some pretty high maintnance ones. Now that you have set the limit to 3, you can keep your eyes open.
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