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A Sunday Daily Thread - 29 April

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I know we don't always have a daily thread at the weekends, but I needed to share the holiday with you all, because where would we be without zippers?

Not much planned for today, some work I brought home with me cleaning, laundry and hopefully getting out to enjoy the sun for a bit

Anyone listening in to the skype chat today?
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Sadly weekends I never look forward too.. ok I lie, I do work though at a local pet shop takeing care of the fish and other pets on the weekends though so I miss most of the day.
Laundry dishes and picking up are top on the to do today when I get home.
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Morning all!!

I am enjoying a coffee, and going to be going to the gym this morning..I did laundry and a bit of cleaning yesterday today will be just a few tidy up dealies, and then slack slack.

Erm, it is a beautiful 20 degrees and sunny today!! I feel like wearing sandals, but I have a hideous cracked toenail Dangit!! Goot abuy some bandaids I guess.

Have a great Sunday folks!
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It is 16:00 here and I still feel hungover

Birmingham City have been promoted to the Premiership

So I guess we won't win that many games next season
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Hey folks!

Zipper day???? I guess we'd all be crossing our legs needing to pee cause we could't get our pants down quick enough????

Poor Nat, a little too much celebrating last nite????
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Good morning to ya'all!! Still trying to recoup from my mouth hurting.

I have to leave in about 2 hrs to go pick up my daughter!! Shes been with my grandparents since Wed. and I am missing her, terribly!!!
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Morning all!

Its supposed to be 85* today-

I'm super tired today- we didn't get home last night til 1AM, and not to bed til closer to 2AM...a nd I was up at 9AM Blah!

Early to bed for me tonight!

We are going to a friends today sometime to grill out, and of course we'll be spending most of the day on the Harley since its so gorgeous... vrrrrrrrrooooommm!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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I am jealous of all you lucky people who have the day off, I unfortunately will be heading off to work shortly. However if I can get everything caught up and organized quickly I should be out and about by 4P.M.. It is such a nice day here I think it will be BBQ for dinner. After that a long soak in the tub and a early night....My gosh I don't know I keep up the glitz and glamour of my life
Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Zipper Day Everyone
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Hi Everyone!

My plans for today are to finish cleaning up my room (it looks like a disaster) and then washing my mom's car and trying to get some yard work done. It's about 75 outside so it will be a nice day. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
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It's a beautiful day here... Too bad it's one of my bad days. Me and the Aleve are gonna be close today.

Zipper day? If I recall correctly, the zipper was first used on mailbags.
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Well I have been up since 7:30 since Trav was supposed to have a softball game this morning but apparently the fields were too wet Weird since it has been BEAUTIFUL the past 2 days but Westlake must have gotten a lot of rain. So instead of staying inside doing nothing on this GORGEOUS day, we are having a cookout with a few good friends. I cannot wait!

Zipper day.......I AM thankful for that
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Zipper day! LOL!

Dh and I just got up not to long ago. We are both exhausted from trying to work full time, have lives and work on three houses. Everyone thinks we are crazy.(I'm beginning to think they are right.) But whatever it takes to get our house done so we can move in and get these on the market, right?

Not much planned today, just going to work on the new house, wall paper stripping and getting ready to paint. We are thinking about putting Pergo in the bedrooms (or at least one at a time) Carpet is such a nasty thing after so long.This won't need to be replaced, and should last forever.I guess we will see.
We are only doing the hallway, kitchen and one bedroom before we move in, and that's a chore in itself. The other rooms we can do with the cats there because there are doors on all of them so I can just close them off. But I need a place to put in the kitties when we move the rest of our stuff, and there are no doors in the hallway, or kitchen so that needs to be done so there aren't tail prints in the paint.

Have I rambled enough? Have a great day everyone.
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Good evening!

Just got back home after a day at my brother's. It was my niece's first birthday

My parents gave her a kids pop-up tent and a big bag of plastic balls... so now she has her own little ball pit. That was fun. My 3 year old nephew loved it too.

It's been a long day.
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