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Sick stray.

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Hello, I'm new to the forum. I chose to ask here because it seems an active and helpful forum.

A neighbour of mine has a couple of stray cats that she just feeds with dry food, they're always outdoors and have not been vaccinated. The last few days I noticed a small cat (it's not a kitten according to my neighbour, just looks very small and frail), that found a spot under her tree and doesn't roam around much. She seems to have problem breathing through the nose and has it's mouth open with drool running from the side. She's trying to meow but it comes out as a throaty whisper. Yesterday the cat was swollen under the eyes, but this morning the swell seems to have gone down a bit. From what I saw in Internet searches, this is probably a bad tooth? The cat can eat the wet food packages I got, but has problem with dry food and any big chunks, she tilts her head to the side and tries to eat like humans do when we have a toothache. She hasn't drunk any water at the times I've been there watching her.

Should I take this cat to the vet? My neighbour claims she already did and gave the cat some unspecified medicine that didn't help. Since she didn't even mention what the vet said the problem was with the cat, I'm pretty sure she's lying. If it is a rotten tooth, the cat will die from it if it's untreated, right? Could it be some other more serious illness?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi and welcome to Tcs

Yes,I think the kitty needs to see a vet.It could be a tooth but it could also be cat flu

In either case she will need either to have the tooth out or at least some anti-biotics
Is the kitty a feral or a stray?You may need to borrow a trap if she is feral.
If your neighbour has had her to the vet then It won't harm to get a second opinion
because it sounds like the medication she got isn't working so I would take her in
asap especially if she's having trouble breathing
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Thank you for the answer, I'll take her to the vet clinic today I think. The cat has been very friendly, coming close to me and trying to meow when I've seen her, so I won't need to trap her hopefully. Is the cat flu serious?
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Cat flu can be serious if left untreated especially if they get secondary infections on
their lungs or conjunctivitus in their eyes

That's great you are taking her to the vet

Do you have anywhere you could keep her till she can recover and maybe keep her
or find her a home?
She will have to be kept inside so you can give her medication and make sure she
has them.
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Thank you. I was hoping of maybe giving the meds through the food, this way I wouldn't have to fight with my neighbour who thinks of the cat as hers, although it's really a stray.
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I wouldn't worry about your neighbour If she was really that bothered about the kitty
she would have taken her in herself to look after
and after all if she is a stray she can't exactly say anything can she, possession is
9 tenths of the law

Good luck at the vets with her

and please keep us updated on how she is doing

Oh I just thought,There may be someone who works at the vets office who
might be willing to adopt her and give her a good home or at least they may
know someone who can,I would ask them when you take her in
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