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Spider bite

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I think Biscotte may have been bitten by a spider. Last night, around midnight, I heard her meowing and she wouldn't come when I called her from bed - I was reading, with all the others in their places already. There was something about her meow that concerned me - it was a kind of 'help me' tone. So I jumped up and in the hall I found her facing down this enormous spider - I have never seen one as big here - at least two and a half inches across. Persil followed me and normally she hunts them, but she backed off. I just freaked, rushed for a shoe and bashed it, then flushed it away. Biscotte seemed fine, I told her she was a good girl for calling me, and she came to bed.
This morning she didn't come down to breakfast and I found her on a spare bed, looking disheveled, and feeling clammy to the touch. I carried her down, took her temp (normal) and put her in a cage to monitor her. I could find no bite site and no obvious swelling. She has now, 6 hours later, eaten a little chicken and some kitten kibble, but has not peed or pooped today. She is a bit listless still, but has lost the really wild look she had this morning.
I can't find any references to poisonous spiders in this part of Europe, and none of my friends know of any. But all spiders bite and maybe she was unlucky and this one decided to have a go at her. It is a holiday weekend here, which makes it difficult to contact anyone, and it was made worse by a thunderstorm that knocked out my landline for hours. Does anyone have any insight to offer? My feeling is to monitor her in the cage for 24 hours and if all her functions are not back to normal by then, to take her to the emergency clinic in Caen, 40 minutes away. Everything local is closed for two days for the 1st May holiday.
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Oh my, how scary. I hope Biscotte gets back to her ole self. Your doing the right thing by keeping a close eye on her. Let us know how she is doing.
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Oh poor Biscotte...I wish I had some advice, I just want to offer my good thoughts and prayers for her
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Ilooked up spider bites in my cat book-they are grouped in with insect stings, lizards and scorpions!!
It says: ID the insect
Remove stinger (only bees live stinger behind)
Make paste of baking soda and apply directly to site
Apply ice packs to reduce swelling and pain
Apply Calamine lotion and Cortaid to relieve itching
If cat displays signs of generalized toxicity or anaphylaxis (restlessness, agitation, face scratching, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, collapse or seizures) transport immediately to vet.
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Thanks Gail. I can't find any sign of a bite, she is just a bit listless and not herself, if you know what I mean. She had her stitches out yesterday, but was absolutely fine when we returned from the vet, so I don't think she is traumatised by that. I may be completely wrong - let's hope so and that she has bounced back by tomorrow.
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Hope she feels betters soon.
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Bobber was good too after were stitches came out-we don't have spier problems here-but woodtick season has arrived.
On the other hand I know its going to hurt getting my stiches removed!!
Hope she feels better-do you have warm weather now???
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Poor little Biscotte!! Hopefully she's just feeling a little overwhelmed by the vet trip and facing down that big bad spider and is just resting it off.

It sounds as though you're doing the right thing, hope she improves soon!
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I'll say a prayer that Biscotte is doing much better real quick! Poor baby!
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By last night she seemed fine and was having trouble using the small litter pan in the cage, so I let her out, and she is back to normal. She and Wellington were playing up-an-over-tag on my bed early this morning. The experience does not seem to have fazed her as she climbed into a kitchen cupboard this morning that has access to the back of the units and was scrambling around in there for ages before she emerged, rather dusty. And I know there are all sorts of creepies back there - I have seen them emerge from time to time.
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That's good news Jenny
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Aw poor little baby - good to hear that that big ol' mean spider didn't get her! Horrible leggy thingies. Spiders I can handle, BIG spiders are another story. Especially the ones that just sit there and look mean at you. :shudder: Glad Biscotte's back to her old self again
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Glad she is feeling better.
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So glad Miss Biscotte is feeling better
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