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I just noticed - I'm over 1000 posts!

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I never noticed all those "titles" going by...kitten, young cat, adult cat, etc. Did I just become a Super Cat?

One thing is for sure - I'm a cat site addict!

Another thing is for sure - I should use this opportunity to thank ALL the mods (including Debra Myers!) and all the members for everything you guys have done for me.

You walked me through beginning to feed the outdoor kitties. You walked me through getting Booger (called her Rocki back then because she didn't really have a name - and I didn't think Booger was a name for - anything!) spayed. You prayed with me for her to come home - and she did!

You walked us through trapping our first cats and kittens.

You walked us through brining Lazlo inside. You walked us through bringing Sheldon inside a week later.

You've given me the courage to find a home for Booger. You're rejoicing with me that we're keeping Munchkin!

You've watched Gary go from cat hater to cat-trapper and socializer extraordinaire.

My whole life has changed - and I never get any sleep now. Thanks a lot!

Seriously - I love the family I have now. And I have it because of all of you!!!!!

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Congratulations, Laurie!! You are such an asset to this site! You are a cat lover extraordinaire. PARTY!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :angel2:
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Way to go Laurie!!!!

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Congratulations Laurie!!
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Super Cat Laurie!!! Hooray!!

I'm so glad you found us here. You always have such a level head and give such thoughtful advice, whether on cats or personal problems. You are really such an important part of this site, and I always look forward to seeing what you have to say. I am also more than happy to be able to call you a friend, that means so much to me.

OK, so before we have to break out the kleenex...On with the Celebration!!

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Gee, Heidi, couldn't you find something some larger images for this special occasion?
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I tried, but those were the biggest I could find! LOL OK, really I'm still exploring the so I had to use some new ones.
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Congratulations Laurie!

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See? You guys are so sweet! And I forgot to mention, I've made wonderful friends here too. How could I not mention that? It means just as much to me as my family of furbabies that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Thanks for the wonderful sentiment Heidi - the feelings are mutual! Sabra, Christy, Mary Anne, Ghyslaine, Jeanie and Anne, - sorry - I count you among my friends now! You all bring smiles constantly, and are ready with the hugs or the work (LOL!), the advice or the philosophical exploration, and I feel priveleged to be among such wonderful people. And that includes so MANY of you here!!!!! (I just haven't had reason to privately communicate with many others of you...yet).

(Heidi - I've made it through page 16!) (

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Well, I don't have any fireworks smilies or anything, so I'll just say:
Way to go Laurie!!!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!!
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the site is indeed richer since you discovered us! I feel fortunate that I have been able to know you as I do. Congrats on the new title- won't be long before you earn the next one in line!
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WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie Champion Blabber mouth!!!!!!! :tounge2:

Good onya mate!
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WOOHOO!!!!! MANY CONGRATS LAURIE!!! :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Well Done Laurie - you always have a great story to tell, sad, happy or otherwise, and you always tell it so well. I for one have enjoyed reading about your newly acquired, and developing furry family, and I've learnt a lot from your knowledge, wisdom and expertise - even though you claim you're a novice, you sure seem to know lots!!

Keep talkin'
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Yola - if I know lots, it's only because of this site and all of you!!!!!

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Laurie - you have added so much to this site since you joined. I look forward everyday to the post you write. You are an awesome and inspiring woman!
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Leslie - I AM a blab! And you're not far behind me - so watch it pal!

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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A few more posts and you can "name yourself"


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