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Yawning Kitten

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Yes, more Daphne! I just cannot seem to stop taking photos of her.

Lookin' psycho...

Flashy thing again? How boring.

The paparazzo is at it again.

Kill the feather!

C'mere feather ...

Sneaking up on feather...

Feather tastes funny.

Thanks for humoring me
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oh Daphne you are such a peach seems she likes to pose for you though

and of course, love that little black smudge on her nose, cute, cute just plain cute
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Awww Look at that precious bundle of fluff!
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I hope you never stop taking pictures of her. I'm excited to see the little princess grow up.
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Wow she's getting big
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What a doll!
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Awwww Daphne is gorgeous!!!!! A big yawner obviously!!

Keep on taking those photos, she's a beautiful, sweet girl!
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So pretty
Definately a yawner!! I love the one of her sitting up waving for the feather *cute*
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Oh goodness... Thank YOU for humouring US by posting these wonderful pics of your beautiful girl! She is so gorgeous...I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves her from afar.
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Awe she is just such a cutie pie I love those yawning pics She does have a fun personality and she is just such a cutie
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She is so cute!
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Daphne pics!! She is soo purrty!!
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Yay!! Daphne!!! what a gorgeous little girl, keep those photos coming Bonnie!!
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adorable! I love the nose smudge too!
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