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Princess - Updated

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Hey guys! I got my new Canon digital camera and have been taking pictures of my baby all week! I finally downloaded them to the computer and have selected some to share

I got the yarn ball!


I'm going to rip that thing apart yet, Meowmy!!

I'm exhausted!

(more to follow in this post later )
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Cant wait for more

WHAT A CUTIE PIE, those pics are GREAT I just love her coloring and markings, she is just soo GORGEOUS
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oh my what a little treasure those marking on her head are so unusual
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Love her markings...she's beautiful
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aww she's a beautiful kitty! cute pics
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A few more..

So sleepy...

Yes, she is really sleeping like that! Looks pretty uncomfortable to me..

Prepare to be pounced, new toy! Grrrr!

Geez! Why does Meowmy think she can sit alone in a chair?
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Such great photos! She is really a beuatiful cat! I love her markings - and little sleepy face!
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She is beautiful. What a gorgeous baby!
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Originally Posted by Jenny1124 View Post
A few more..

So sleepy...

This is my favorite one! She's adorable!
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Okay, I got her cat tree in from Armarkat and I guess she likes it. She wouldn't stop irritating me when I was putting it together, but I just couldn't tell her to get away because it is hers after all
Here are a few more pics of my little baby girl.

Sitting on my computer desk while I play a game...

In the little house on her new cat tree..

I've got you now, Meowmy!! (She is about to bunny kick me.. I dared pet her stomach lol!)

Playing with her new tree..
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I give up!

This is my good side..

I'm hunting chipmonks! (really is a chipmonk that lives outside our apartment)
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What a beautiful girl you have! And great photos! Princess is a little queen!
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