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Nutri-cal for kittens

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I have 6 abandoned kittens that I've been bottle feeding for 1 week now. They're about 3 weeks old.
I have one kitten that stopped eating several days ago. I kind of force fed her for a day and then she started eating a little on her own. Now she's stopped again. The lady at our Pet Smart adoption place suggested Nutri-cal to help her regain her strength. She's the smallest, by far. She had a problem with constipation on Wednesday and I took her to the vet who helped her poop. She's peeing, but it's VERY yellow, so I'm afraid she's getting dehydrated.

How much nutri-cal should I give her. I've been giving her 1 cc each time I feed them (about 8 times a day). I offer her the bottle each time and try to get some in her, but she just fights me.

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I would use the instructions on the package for animals that aren't eating (3 teaspoons per 10 lbs. body weight). That would be 1.5 cc for a 1 lb. kitten. Please tell the vet about her dehydration. He might be able to give her sub-q fluids, which could perk her up and bring her appetite back.
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The concentration of the urine is not good at all. This kitten needs some fluids and now. If you have a little dropper, try to get some plain water into the baby and next time you go to the store, pick up some plain (clear) Pedialyte and introduce that as well.

Also, at this age, you can probably back off a bit on the feedings ... instead of every three hours, back it off to every 4 hours now unless they get fractious and loud.
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She's eating much better today, and her pee, although it's yellow, isn't flourescent like yesterday. I'm wondering if the Nutri-cal could make it yellow???
They all started antibiotics yesterday more as a preventative. I switched them all over to Kitten Glop instead of the KMR or ProBotic and they like it much better. They are all eating more now.
They eat about every 2 1/2 hours during the day, but will go 6-8 at night (and make up for it at their next feed). The vet said that was fine.
She's still little, and I'm still concerned, but I'm hoping for the best.

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