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Gary Trapped Sheldon's Dad!

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We have been trying to trap this dang cat for five months now. YAY GARY!!!!!

This guy is where Tuxedo (same mom AND dad as Shelly) gets his mean genes from. I could see one of these journalists writing a nasty article about this cat. Poor thing.

Unfortunately, the Vet says it looks like he may have Leukemia or something. The Vet said he looks very sick.

That is not good news. We've had all the cats tested as we take them in, but wouldn't that mean they all might have it by now if there have been scraps out at the feeder? Fortunately we feed the kittens separately in bowls. Keep your fingers crossed please!!!!

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Fingers crossed here. hey Gary would you like to come here and help me trap Gangster? I have been trying to get him for quite some time now!
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Laurie, I'm so glad. You have trapped both Mother and Father cats now, haven't you? Gary is a kitty magnet, just like you. I do hope Father cat doesn't have feline leukemia. Please let us know. Give Gary a pat on the back from us!
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Mary Anne - that's not as crazy as it sounds at first! (Although if you can't trap him, I don't know why Gary would be able to!)

But check this out: we've been interviewing with a firm based out of Portland. And I just found out that Booger's adopting mom can't pick up Boog until the first week of December if we don't get her shipped out before the 22nd. I just asked why we're even bothering to ship Boog before the first week of December if this lady is planning to go on vacation or something... (now I'm all nervous about this lady again!).

But my point is, we may be flying out to Portland at some point after Thanksgiving, depending on how negotiations with those people and the others go this week. So we might be taking Boog ourselves!

And if I weird out about this Debbie, then we're driving Boog out to you!!!! She gets along with other cats, and she loves being an outdoor kitty with the option to come in when she wants. You're a perfect Booger mom! (LOL!)

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It wasn't Leukemia!!!!! He's going to be just fine - it was probably another bad case of worms. I hope he shows up so we can give him his next treatment in three weeks. Well - when we actually bring him home. We went to pick him up - and he got loose! He's hiding behind the X-ray machine now.

The Vet and staff said he is the MEANEST cat they have ever encountered. And they get lots of ferals.
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Well, at least Dad earned a superlative (meanest)! Seriously, I hope no one gets hurt treating him. He really should have a name to go with his "special" qualities, don't you think? Attila might be apropos..Perhaps the members could name him.
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Laurie, if you're coming out to Portland, I'd like to meet Boog too!
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I am soooo happy that he is okay! Yippee!!!!!!

One of our ferals also gave the vet a pretty awful time. All of the techs and the vet shook their heads and told me I was one brave woman for working with him!

This thread has made me do a big happy dance! Give Gary a big kiss on the forehead for me for finally catching this wild boy!
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Hooray, I'm so glad he's OK. AND he's now neutered so 1 less kitty to add to the overpopulation.
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Jeanie - somehow I missed your first post here. But yes - we have trapped and spayed/neutered both mom and dad now. Boog is a female - and there was only one other female we were aware of. Two of her kittens are around - and they showed up so young, I think something must have happened to her. We've had a lot of males neutered.... but where are all the females? We've had all the female kittens spayed - but I can't believe there aren't more female adults around. The people who own the property believe there are "at least a hundred or so" feral cats around the area. We've made a small dent - but until we start finding those females, there will be more kittens!!!!!

(And I think Attila is quite fitting for this guy!!! - I wonder if he'll actually be back? He BOLTED out of that crate at lightening speed.)
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I am glad Gary was able to catch up and really happy that Dad cat was given the all clear

Looks like he may have a new name as well

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