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Advice on a new kitten.

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I created a website for a ragdoll breeder, so I could work on building a portfolio. I did not charge him for the site. As a thank you he has offered me a kitten. I am totally thrilled, but need advice on if the new kitten should be a girl or a boy. I already have 2 cats, a female who is 18 months old and a male who is 6 months old (the two in Caption this #100). The female, Tigerlily is a bit neurotic and scares easily, but she took to Sebastian after 2 weeks and they are best of friends now. She cares for him and cleans him. Sebastian is scared of nothing, except baloons after he popped one last night , but I know that will pass.

I wondered if anyone had advice on which sex to choose for the new kitten, I was thinking male so that Tigerlily is still head female. What do you think?

This is the website if anyone wants to have a look.
Narcissus Ragdolls
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We have two males and a female - although the two boys came in only one week apart (July) and were fast friends when we brought in Munchkin (1 1/2 weeks ago). They both "father" her.

In a previous discussion about this I remember reading what seemed like a general consensus that females tend to bond to one person, while males are generally more sociable. So far this seems to be true - Munchkin took to my hubby like nothing you've every seen - and she is his little girl. She loves me plenty - but there is something special between hubby and Munchie.

So - I'd vote for another male. Let Tigerlily be Queen mum, and let the boys work it out from there!

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I have always had better luck introducing males into the fold. I have 2 females, both emergency rescues, and they are not very friendly to each other, but are both friendly to my male, Fred, who is Papa cat to both of them. Before my poor Leo died, he also got along with everyone. I am not sure I would have chosen to have females, but they needed me, so I have them and I love them, both have a permanent home.
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I just wanted to tell you that your web design looks great! Very well put together.

I think Laurie may be right on track, as usual. Let Tigerlily be the Alpha female and mother the two baby boys.
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Yep, I'do go for a male too, from my own experience the girls don't seem to get along too well and are much harder to introduce!! The boys I have never really seem to care much!! :laughing: THey have a snif and maybe one hiss, then all is calm really.... as long as the top boy stays top boy with Mum, they're ok
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PS, yes the site looks fab!! Great job!!
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Thanks, glad you liked the site.

I have taken everyones advice and it will be a boy. He has 2 ready to go now so I may get one of them, or wait till February when the next litter will be ready. I will post a pic the moment he arrives.

Now for a name, LOL.
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