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8 Kittens !!!!

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Hi, my name is Meghan. I am a siamese breeder in FL. I have been showing and breeding for a while but I have a dumb question. My girl had eight last night. This is by far the biggest litter I have ever gotten. Five was my record. My quesion is should I bottle feed? The kittens are about 15 hours old. All of them have lived miracoulouly. Should I supplement? I dont know if I should because they are gettitng Colostrum for the next 24-48 hours. I dont want anyone to starve but I dont want to mess up moms plans. They are crying a bit, but they are siamese . Infamous cryers
Anyone here who had had this large of a litter?
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I've never been a breeder, but congrats on your litter. Hope all goes well, ask your vet, get them checked. Maybe he'll suggest supplementing 1/2 litter every other feed so they all get mum's milk. Good luck.
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i am a ragdoll breeder and what i do is let them be mom will feed them all they will just have to take turns just keep an eye on them and see if all are eating if a coupple seem hungrey and arn't eating properly get a kitten bottel with some kitten formula and feed them but waite till the get the first feedings from mom for the 48 hours then they will be fine
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Congrats on your litter!
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Hi!! Wow, that ~is~ a large litter! Congratulations!

Since it is doubtful that a Siamese queen can produce enough milk to provide 100% of the nutrition for such a large and growing litter, I would let Momma nurse as many as can scramble to get a nipple and those who are working too hard to get to one, you bottle. Weigh them faithfully to make sure everyone is getting enough to eat.

I know a lot of people recommend using KMR or one of the other commercially-prepared kitten formulas, but honestly, I like goat's milk best. It is closest to Momma's milk and will not cause the stomach upset that commercially-prepared formulas can.

As for the first couple of days and colostrum, if you mark your kittens for identification purposes, you can allow Momma to nurse 4 or 5 at a time and then when they fall asleep, replace them with the remaining kittens.

Best of luck, Lamb.
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on that large litter! Its going to get noisy with all those Siamese lol
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Arrrr congrats on your new babies.

Cant wait to see pics.

Emma x x
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