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I don't usually drink anything more than beer (always ML), but when I do partake I like Jager and Barenjager, cherry bombs, mojitos, and SoCo and lime on the rocks. Anytime I do shots I get way too tipsy though so that's bad news! I also love Riesling and Pinot Grigio, can't do red wine (something about the tannins?)

N/A I am addicted to Red Bull even though I don't really like the taste, Dr Pepper, iced tea, water and more water and mineral water, apple cider
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Wine, Canadian beer, or Tequila
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Hmm, well usually its crown-n-coke. But I also enjoy shots as well...... They are really yummy(they have baileys and whip cream) probly dont want to know what they are called But anyhoo they are yummy!!

For non alcohol I like diet favorite has been a fountain diet pepsi with a shot of cherry!! Thats sooo yum yum!!
I think I know what shot you are referring to, and you're right, this is a family site! And they are good!
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Don't drink alcohol so it would have to be iced tea or juice. Stopped drinking pop a long time ago so now even if I just have a sip my stomach feels real gassy.
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Woodchucks (specifically granny smith flavor)
Bacardi Peach (the one with silver on it)
Apple Martini's from Bigfoots Lodge (resturant by us)

and non alcoholic:

Sweet Tea
Welches Orange Pineapple Juice

- i don't drink soft drinks at all- haven't had any in over 8 years
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I'm only drinking non-alcoholic at the moment since I'm pregnant, and iced water is my current favourite drink!

I also love Odwalla Orange Juice, and any of the Naked juices - yum yum!
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My own Mango Daiquiri:
Rum (aslo good as coconut rum) + Häagen-Dazs Mango Sorbet = Yums!
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Deep red and sweet wine. Petite Syrah especially. Port too for desert.
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Long Island Iced Tea is my fave but only if it is made correctly. Basically any sweet drink made so I cannot taste or smell the alcohol Cannot do wine. Haven't had anything alcoholic in probably 3 years, just don't have the time to be tipsy That, and I don't get out much. Just never been much of a drinker. Am always the designated driver.

I remember one weekend up at Timberline Lodge - had something warm and rummy and sweet. THAT was good! Think it was a Seargent something.

Non-alcoholic is diet coke or orange juice.
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Strawberry wine, apple wine with sprite, jim beam with cola, prosecco with oj, mango colada, swimmingpools, caperinias, Frankfurter Sauers, Amaretto sauer.

Im sure there is more with alcohol!
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A lovely fruity, rich Grenache.

Or coffee. And coffee wins (soy lattes only!) because I drink at least two every day!
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I'm allergic to alcohol, so my fav is plain old coca cola (the elixer of the gods).
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Well in the mtn area that I live in EVERYONE either drinks beer or straight shots. And Ive never been a big drinker. When I turned 21 I went safe and stayed with capt and coke but then moved up when we decided to try and make new mixed drink and got a good one called red silk panties. Its awesome peach schnapps, vodka, and something else...mixed with cranberry and pineapple juice...And of course jeagerbombs...And for beer good ole fashioned Rolling Rock..My dad is from Latrobe so I gotta keep that tradition going... Otherwise I drink tea and koolaid..Im addicted to tropical punch...You can never go wrong with properly made
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Neither DH nor I drink alcohol (dealt with past problems in our lives revolving around alcohol/abuse).

But our fav drinks are probably the V8 Splash Smoothies - we really like the Pina Colada and the Strawberry/Banana
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Maragaurita on the rocks with plenty of salt!!!
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While at an outdoor festival: Warsteiner beer in a big ol fat mug.

While partying at a bar with my hubby: Cruzan rum (banana or vanilla flavor) mixed with Sprite.

Fancy schmancy drink with a whole lotta kick: Stoli martini, up, with 3 olives.

To relax after a p00py day: 2 glasses of wine. Red or white, don't care.

A sweet & warm drink: Di Saronno, straight up.

To quell an upset tummy and bring on some burps: Guinness; draught or in a can.

I love being Irish!!!
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Blue Lagoons.

It's blue Bols, Vodka, lemonade and a dash of lime. They glow in UV light too, so you can never lose your drink in a club I love the colour and they taste fab! I'm such a girlie-girl though, I like my cocktails with an umbrella!!
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I love white russians.
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Mexican soda pop because it contains real cane sugar. There is not U.S. soda pop any longer made with real cane sugar except for a small batch of Dr. Pepper that can only be bought in Waco, Texas.
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A- Beer
N/A- Water, coffee
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I like Vodka and Cranberry
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I like raspberry Absolut with soda and twist of lime (try it ladies, it's an awesome summer drink)
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Mexican soda pop because it contains real cane sugar. There is not U.S. soda pop any longer made with real cane sugar except for a small batch of Dr. Pepper that can only be bought in Waco, Texas.
Yes! I loved the Coke they had in Mexico. To say nothing of the chocolate bars.
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