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Please reassure me - vaccine rxn

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Our kitty was vaccinated on 4/16... Rabies, FeLV, FIP and FVRCP (or whatever it is). She has two lumps under her skin toward her hind legs. Moveable, firm and they don't hurt her. One is on the right (rabies) and is about pea-sized. The other (the one that has me worried) is on the left. It is also moveable, firm and painless but is a bit larger than the rabies lump. Probably the size of a nickel maybe? The left one seems more swollen, as I can see her fur bulging a tiny bit when she lays down.

I'm confused by these reactions because she was vaccinated last year and had no reactions that I noticed at all.

I've read so much about VAS and I'm terrified. I'm bringing her in Monday. I called the vet today and he said it's most likely normal but to call him if they get larger or get soft in the middle. I know they can be normal but I'm scared.

I guess I just need someone to tell me they experienced this and all was well.
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anyone? please?
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I have no experience with anything like what you're going through. All I can offer are
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Cats will develop lumps from Vaccines. They will eventually go away within a months time. When to get worried is if they keep increasing in size, and the cat stops eating/drinking. I would not be to concerned.
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They are called a local tissue reaction. They should go away completely in about 6 months. I wouldn't worry too much about osteosarcoma yet... That usually takes several years to show up. If you dont see a decrease in size over the next couple of months, I would take your kitty back into the vet to make sure it isn't anything to be concerned about. They may want to do a fine needle aspirate to see what kinda cells are in there.

My cat has SEVERE vaccine reactions. Of course the first time it happened was on a saturday and my regular vet closed at 12pm... My cat Jennifer started vomiting... and vomiting.... and vomiting.... It got to the point where she was vomiting blood... I was a complete basketcase. I spent the afternoon (and a small fortune) at the emergency vet. She now has to have steroids and benedryl before she gets any vaccine.
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Can they suddenly develop these reactions? She had her shots last year (right after she had shots at the shelter, which I was unaware of) and she was perfectly fine. Now all of a sudden this year she gets lumps.
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Yes, no matter how many times they have been vaccinated before, they can still have a vaccine reaction. My cat was 4 or 5 years old when she first had her first vaccine reaction.
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i hope they clear up. that is one thing my cats haven't experienced.

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She now has to have steroids and benedryl before she gets any vaccine.
raven and nabu need that too. luckily we've switched to the 3 yr plan for distemper shots and i don't have to deal with that yearly anymore. they have no reaction at all to the Purevax Rabies shot.
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Felix got a lump when he got his rabies vaccine. I was a total basket case, but it cleared up within a few weeks.
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One of mine had this too and I forgot about the vaccines and panicked and took them to the vet fearing the worst...and it turned out to be the vaccines BUT if you have any doubts it's always best to check with the vet to ease your mind...Let us know
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Keep in mind that it is 1 in 9999 chance that they will develop cancer from the vaccines.
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Well she saw the vet, he was concerned at the size but at this point said he didn't believe it to be a sarcoma, thank GOD! He injected an antibiotic under the lump and we are to follow up tomorrow. It *MIGHT* be getting smaller but I'm just not sure. It's not bigger. I'm just SICK over this.
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