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Pics of the family

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Okay, everyone, Eilcon asked me to post some updated pics of Deacon and Douglas, two of her previously rescued feral boys that we adopted along with our 12 year old female, Lady. So, Renee helped me this time so maybe we have the pics. Thanks. (The boys are now 8 months old and growing like weeds.

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What a gorgeous fur family
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Everyone is gorgeous Helene!! Douglas and Deacon look so happy
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Feral? They look like anything but feral!! Great job turning these boys into little love muffins!!
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Awww, thanks for the pics, Helene and Renee. You guys made my day. Lady is as gorgeous as ever and those boys are adorable. Deacon is one handsome guy. He sure has come a long way from that hissing, spitting, biting, growling little creature I got to know in Oct. And, Douglas is just as cute as ever. What a sweetheart! You have a beautiful family!
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Lady is beautiful Helen...a grand lady.

You are right ....Deacon & Douglas are growing like weeds ----
big, furry, handsome weeds.

Their pictures show what love and patience can do.
Thank you for sharing your sweet miracles.

Lady, Douglas & Deacon
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Looking at the pictures you'd never guess that Douglas and Deacon were former ferals.
They are handsome little guys.
Lady is beautiful.
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Oh my, look how beautiful all 3 look!! Great job you guys!
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How cute they all are. Great job.
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Please spread these (and similiar) pictures and the story about them also at other forums. So all people can see even ferals can become loving happy homecats after suitable fostering. And their new people happy catowners.
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Helene, I just had to let you know that I showed my mom (who heard all about Deacon and Douglas when I fostered them) and she couldn't get over how big and handsome they are. You guys have done a great job!
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What a lovely bundle of fur!
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O my...what a GORGEOUS fur family
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