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Well as you may know I've been trying to get some wet food into the cats diet. i tried the Felidae chicken and rice and Neko refused to eat it and Willie did but not in an ecstatic way. Today i tried the other type of Felidae wet and I thought we were having the same problem. i put it in the bowl and Neko sniffed it and walked away. Willie was already eating his. So i dumped some dry food on top of Neko's wet and he started eating the dry and avoiding the wet. He accidentally ate some wet and then a little more. he was so hungary that he quite taking his time to manoover around the wet and just ate it, and LOVED it. I put another dollop of it in his bowl and he ate it without any kibble then licked the spoon! I'm SO happy he likes it!

I have a question though. How much a week do each of them have to eat for it to actually benefit their urinary tract and kidneys?