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His tummy is sensitive again.

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Jordan's being very sensitive today about having his tummy touched. I dont' think he's constipated, but I'm a little worried that his tummy is so sensitive. I think he might have diareha, I don't know. I just know I'm worried about him. He ate breakfast just fine, and hasn't been throwing up. I don't know what to do about him. What should I do?? I hate to go to the e-vet, cause I think i'm over reacting.
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No thoughts on what might be bothering him. Is there a vet you could call and describe Jordan's symptoms? It might save a trip to the vet on a weekend. These problems always happen on a weekend, don't they?

Hugs to you and Jordan.
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Yestday morning was a good morning for him. He had a good sized BM (I'm sure everyone here is going to be sick to death of hearing about his BM's, butI just don't know where else to turn). Unfortunatly he was whining a little bit while he was in the box. This morning nothing, but he's still acting crazy. I'll be happy to get to talk to the vet tomorrow. A friend of mine said that adding fiber really helped her cat, but I'm not sure I want to do that without talking to the vet first. I'm having a hard time focusing at work today. Hopefully we'll get this under controll soon, he's turning 4 tomorrow and just seems so young to have this problem.
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I think you're right, I would talk to the vet about the added fiber. At some point in the past, my vet suggested Metamucil for Leopold but I never used it long term. He seemed to know the tiny amount was in his food...even though she said "most cats" will just "lick it off the top first". LOL ...that never works with my cats.

I know you mentioned something about Jordan's diet, but I can't remember. Did the vet make any suggestions in regards to diet? Paisley does well with getting only canned food, I don't know if that's an option with Jordan or not.
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All of mine get 1/4 cup dry in the morning & 3oz of wet at night. An all wet diet would be hard because I would have to feed him seperate from the rest.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
All of mine get 1/4 cup dry in the morning & 3oz of wet at night. An all wet diet would be hard because I would have to feed him seperate from the rest.
Separating for meals is a pain, I can sympathise. I tried once or twice...never again. That is a pretty good compromise you have there, though. I hope you can find a long term solution for Jordan's trouble.
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I have to admit I'm feeling a little sorry for myself today. I remember how hard it was to have a cat with special needs, and I really don't know where I'll find the strength (not to mention the money) to deal with this long term. Don't get me wrong I'll battle this for as long as I need to, because my life would be boring with out my cuddle bug. I'm just worried about how to deal with this.
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I know it's tough. I have 2 that give me extra worries every day. I have found, though...that the special needs ones are the ones who get wrapped around your heart tighter than any other. I know it's hard, but try to think positive thoughts, it will help Jordan.
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Thanks. Today is his birthday (well the day we celebrate his birthday) and he wasn't himself this morning. He didn't want to eat his whole breakfast & his little rectum looks red and irritated. I feel so bad for him, and I just want him to be better. I called the vet & left a message now I'm just waiting for him to get back to me.
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I finally got to talk to the vet, but now I'm feeling sick to my stomache. The vet said to watch him for another day & if he doesn't go to bring him back in. That if he doesn't go I should think about doing more x-rays & possibly another enema. Then the next step would be some pills to help his digestive track. Then he said the words that make my stomache turn... "When ever a cat is constipated there is always the possiblity of cancer." He said there are two options to check for cancer an ultra sound which apparently isn't the most accurate, or exploritory surgery. I'm so on the verge of crying right now.
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I don't know what to think about what your vet said. I mean he IS the vet, but I've heard of so many cats that have chronic constipation, megacolon, etc...and not cancer along with it.

When I was researching the issue when Paisley had a problem, I thought I saw somewhere that it was one of the most common problems that cats visit the vet for.

Also I saw something about Lactulose. This patient information sheet says it can cause gas, distention of the stomach, cramping, etc.

Maybe he's experiencing some side effects?

That doesn't explain the red rectum, but I imagine the meds, etc take some time to adjust to. If he did have diarrhea, then that could cause a red rectum too. They'll often have some soft stool after the enema too, the next day or so...I'm not sure when his diarrhea came on in relation to when he had the enema.

Try to remain positive ...and tell Jordan happy birthday!
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Thanks so much beandip. I did ask about the red rectum and he said that was probably due to the amont of stool he had to pass when he had the enema. I'm just afraid it's going to make it worse because if it's sore he's not going to want to go.
Then when he said cancer I was so upset that I forgot to ask about adding fiber to his diet. This is a vet I don't really know so I'm not sure how to take his comments. He works at the practice I've taken them to since they were little, but all the vets I knew & liked are gone. I know that some vets are very careful about telling clients all the possible risks so that if it turns out bad the clients can't say, well you never told me that. He did say that doing exploritory surgeory was a very aggresive move. I just wish it was easier to tell who had a bowel movement. I could lock him up int he bathroom while i"m at work, but that seems counter productive. I would think being locked in a small room all day with out much room to move would reduce the mobility of the colon. I don't know I think I need to take a deep breath & think about what to do.
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I think you're right about the catch 22 of locking him up. I have gone through the same thing, wanting to see if Beandip peed and/or if Paisley pooped, as that info has been very important to me at times. Both of them have not responded well to confinement, both from a stress standpoint, and the mobility factor that you mentioned, in respect to the colon.

Now I've never done this, but I have heard of putting small bits of nontoxic crayon shavings in one cat's food, to determine who's evidence is in the it comes out just as it went in. I don't know if that really works or if it's a good idea or not. Just a thought. Maybe the vet has some ideas to help.

I know what you mean about forgetting questions during the conversation w/the doctor. Take that deep breath and you can call him back later.

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Thanks. Of coase after all my worry, when I got home from work yesterday & scopped the box he got in & had a nice big BM. I was telling him what a good boy he was & how much I liked it when he did that. He was in a preety good mood the rest of the night, but then this morning he was crabby again. I think there is something to the fact that the lactulose maybe causing him to be uncomfortable. I felt his tummy (I almost got bit in the process) and I couldn't feel any hard stool, but he did pass gas. I'm going to watch him for a few days & if this continues I'll call the vet and ask if I can do anything to make it better. I did buy him some canned pumpkin as a treat for pooping (I never thought I'd be so happy a cat had pooped), he loved it and luckily for him the other cats wouldn't touch it.
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Well hopefully it's just the lactulose bothering him and there will be an easy solution.

That's always nice when you can come up with a treat for the cat that needs it, that the others don't want.
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Hi, just to say, we are going through the same thing at the moment, I am trying to get Dillon to go to the loo properly every day. If its any consulation he has had trouble going for 3 years now (no sign of any cancer), this is just an ongoing problem because of his kidney trouble. I have spent all day on the computer trying to find a kidney food with a higher fibre in it. They have a food out at the moment called purfect fit which isnt a vet food but has only 10 of protein and 1.4 of fibre and I rang them up as found no phosphorous details and they reckon its so low its not on there, so I gave him some last night and he loves it. I have added half tsp phsyllium husks today and cut the liquid paraffin (not as good but similar to lactulose) down to a few drops at night. He passed a couple of dark bumbles yesterday which he does without wailing. The other stuff made him bad with his tum and passing, same as you. I am desperate to get his bowels sorted too, see my posts on Dillon.
Best Wishes
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