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Today I came home and my mom said that her cat, Dolly has been ill during the day.
Her symptoms include stiffness in the front legs, a "shivering" in her back (movement in a shivering motion), mom hasn't seen her drink water, but she is eating (including wet), she is sleeping as normal, but seems less energetic. Bathrooming is unknown. Mom can't describe any more symptoms, but says that she's not acting "normal"
Mom is convinced that she is sick in some way, but realized that she should take her to the vet after they closed.
She was wondering if anyone thought that maybe my bringing Chester and Dynah home may have caused these symptoms, keeping in mind that they have not interacted but can smell each other.
She also wants me to add that we had the carpets cleaned on monday, professionally incase that makes a difference.
Any thoughts would be helpful, since mom's worried.
Thanks guys!
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I'm not sure what it could be, but trembling can be a sign of significant pain. I would strongly consider finding an after hours vet.
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it's not that she's trembling, it's that her skin moves over her spine as if she has a slight shiver...like when you gently touch the fur on a cats back...she just does it without being touched and has always done that (we've had her for 2 years now)
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Is she any better today? I have a cat who does that "shivery" thing with her back often, when something irritates her. Maybe Dolly is just stressed from having strangers come in to clean the carpets & having strange-cat-smells in the house.
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No better today. Mom's pretty darn worried. She's still eating and drinking ok but she's really favouring her leg. We think she injured herself doing something. Going to take her in ASAP in the Am. Until then, mom's icing the leg and we're babying her.
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Well as long as she is eating and drinking..the bathroom thing your mom should look out for I think. See if she is still going normally.

Once you can get her to the vet, they will figure it out.. Until then, she seems like she will be okay until morning.

Sending many vibes for her{{{{}}}}
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Yeah, I was going to say get her in and get an Xray of that leg....my Milo (who is currently awaiting surgery for his bilateral femoral neck fractures) has been doing that shivery thing with his hind legs yesterday and today...I think it's related to the pain.

Best of luck!!!!!!! Let us know how the kitty comes out.
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little unexpected result today. The vet says that he can't figure out why shes acting funny (acted normal during vet visit). He's thinking that it could be an infection because her temperature is up, wondering if it's a bite. She's on antibiotics now, and if things don't change in a few days, we are to bring her in again
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