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Cat is in heat....is this normal?

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My Corky is in heat. She is an indoor only cat and the 2 males inside are fixed. We just haven't had the money to get her fixed yet (she is almost a yr old) but are planning to next month. Here's my question. When females go into heat, so they start peeing outside the litter box? We just moved into a new house and we have had a few problems with litter boxes but just chalked it up to stress over the move. That's understandable. It stopped...then a few weeks ago we starting finding tiny puddles, not full fledged bathroom breaks (for lack of a better term). At the same time, Corky started getting more demanding for attention...wanting to be petted constantly. She is normally a loving kitty, but not "needy". Now, she is in full blown heat, cooing constantly, tail to the side, rolling and purring all over everything. And today I was watching TV and she squatted right in front of me and dribbled, then went about her buisness.

To make a long story short (too late, I know) is this because she's in heat or is there another problem? Has anyone else experienced this with a cat in heat? Like I said, we're making an appointment to get her fixed next month...but do you think I should take her in before that? We were thinking since she wasn't getting any boyfriends maybe instinct is telling her send out invites?
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I'd take her in before you get her spayed & have her checked for a UTI(soon). It is plausible that she is marking....but just to be safe you might want to rule out a UTI. I'd hate for her to wait a month if she's got one!
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Unspayed females will often pee outside the box, but I would have her checked to rule out anything else.

Have you looked into low cost clinics to get her spayed?
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