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KMR Milk Replacer -- Safe?

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Does anyone know if KMR has been a part of any recall? Has anyone used it lately? A friend is fostering a litter of kittens for her local animal shelter, and they are vomitting. She is using KMR milk replacer. Any help would be appreciated!!! I have been looking around the internet for some info on it, but I am finding nothing. On our dog forum, we have been keeping on top of dog recalls as we hear about them, so I thought a cat forum might have more cat specific info on the recalls, or at least some people with experience with the product (hopefully recent). I found a dog breeder forum warning about a recall of a different brand of milk replacer (Manno Pro????), but nothing about the KMR.
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No- KMR is safe to feed right now I actually recommend using Pro-Biolac over KMR though, i like the ingredients better and it seems to be accepted better among my foster kittens as well with less tummy upset. One suggestion too- instead of using water to mix the formula with- use clear Pedialyte instead (the walgreens or other drugstore brand is fine- clear is better so it won't stain fur.) It has extra electrolytes and other important nutrients to it that a small kitten will need as they can become dehydrated VERY easily. I definitely would use Pro-Biolac over KMR (you can order it online) but KMR is ok if you need to use it. Also, not sure if you foster puppies or not but they make a Pro-Biolac for puppies as well
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It's always good to exercise due diligence about ingredients and the recall... but maybe it's more likely that the kittens are just plain sick. It doesn't look like KMR has any of the ingredients that have been recalled, and it has not been recalled.

She should probably take them in to the shelter vet no matter what is causing their stomach issues!
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Thanks! Where can she find the Pro-Biolac?
I haven't had the pleasure of fostering any pups yet. I'll keep the brand in mind, though.

Zissou's Mom, I'm sure she'll get in touch with the shelter as soon as they open on Monday, but since it is Saturday night, Monday is a long way off.
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I'm bottle feeding a baby & the vet office we get milk replacer from switched from carrying KMR to Pro Biolac.
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Thanks Jill for posting this for me I have had the kittens for about a week. On the first can of KMR powder, they were fine. I opened the second can and started feeding it and that's when the vomiting started. They are about 3weeks old now. One other foster mom has the same problem as I. She just brought her litter home on Wednesday. We are getting litter after litter into the shelter, all young with no moms Not sure what is going on
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OK. My baby Jade got explosive diarrhea. The vet told me that when switching from one can to the next, it can cause digestive issues.

Is it possible that they have something going distemper?
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I guess anything is possible, but the only issue we have had in the shelter is URI.

Is there a natural milk replacer that can be made? The shelter vet can't look at them and test them until Monday, but I am very uneasy about feeding them.
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Here is a direct link to the recipe for kitten glop/formula.

You might also want to bop over to the pregnant & nursing forum & search around there to see what you can find!
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Thank you so much for your help
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Originally Posted by Shaqpuppy View Post
I guess anything is possible, but the only issue we have had in the shelter is URI.

Is there a natural milk replacer that can be made? The shelter vet can't look at them and test them until Monday, but I am very uneasy about feeding them.
If the kittens are only 3 weeks old they are much to small to get a good blood stick off of them for many tests. (they can do a giardia tests and i DO recommend that- take a stool sample -or even just the kittens up to the shelter/vet and let them take a stool sample and see if they are positive for giardia.) if not- my guess would be worms. Have they been dewormed yet? They need to be dewormed with a SMALL amount of Strongid- have the vet measure it out for you according to weight. Also- how are ya'll feeding the kittens- do not feed them on their back like you would a baby- it can cause fluid to flow into their lungs and drown them. Instead you should let them sit in your lap on all 4's then tip the bottle up at around a 45 degree angle for them to nurse. When you start to see little bubbles forming around their noses- they are full. If you suspect they've got fluid in their lungs....turn them upside down and pat their little backs for a moment. please read the information provided at -it is an excellent resource for new foster moms pm me if you have any questions! definitely go ahead and get some pedialyte and mix it with their formula instead of water- if they are sick, they will get dehydrated very easily from loosing fluids. They may need a Sub-q iv if they don't perk up soon.
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The recipe for kitten glop that White Cat Lover posted, cut out the following from it:

1 large or 2 small eggs yolks (raw)
1 teaspoon clear Karo syrup
* 1-3 drops liquid pet vitamins
* 1 capsule acidophilus
* 1 drop Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
* Optional, though very beneficial.

I used the Franny Suffy (I think that's how her last name is spelled) version for both my bottle boys and never had an issue. It was accepted beautifully. The only problem was I had overfed (I was new to BBs.) and they had poo problems. So, just follow the following and you should be fine:

8 ounces water
1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin
8 ounces whole evaporated milk (not skim)
2 tablespoons mayonnaise (not low fat)
2 tablespoons plain yogurt (not low fat)

Boil the water, add the gelatin and mix well. Add the following ingredients in order, mixing well after each addition:

1/2 of the canned milk
Mayonnaise and Yogurt
Rest of the milk

This mixture will keep in the fridge for up to four days. It is jello-like in consistency in the fridge so you can just scoop out as much as you need and warm. It can also be frozen in ice cube trays and defrosted as needed.

Hope that helps and good luck!
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Another idea is to use plain goat's milk. It is readily available in your local grocery store and is closest to Mom's milk. Best of luck.
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I'm not aware of any problem with KMR at this time. Still, if the kittens are vomiting, there is clearly a problem. It could also be that they have a particular food intolerance to a specific ingredient. Kittens that tiny can become dehydrated very quickly. The recipe given is excellent, and to be on the super safe side and also the more cost efficient option, your friend may want to try it! If you feel the kittens have vomited so much that they may be dehydrated, they may need a bit of Children's Pedialyte, mixed half and half with boiled, cooled water. A homemade recipe of this is also listed on the Kitten-Rescue site.

Home-made Pedialyte

1 cup water (boiled then cooled)
Small pinch of baking soda
Small pinch of Salt
2 teaspoons of sugar
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