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Koda's big adventure at the OKC TICA show

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Today was Koda's first show, he is a few days over 6 months of age. It is a 12 ring show, so 6 rings today and 6 rings tomorrow. My husband took him for me, and this is CJ's first time to show all on his own. They both made me proud. Koda's awards were 1st BOC in each ring, he got 1st BOD in 5 out of 6rings, and finaled in one of the last rings D'Ann Kovic's ring. She said he has nice type, nice eye color, nice large body and boning structure, and an overall nice Ragdoll. I will let you know how tomorrow goes for CJ and Koda Bear, we hope another final or 2, but I don't mind saving that for adult division in a couple of months. I will also see if I can get CJ to take the camera up for some pictures, but we have a big bulky SLR digital camera, and while it takes nice shots, I am not sure if he will want to be responisble for the camera and Koda.
All of our breeding Ragdolls tested negative for HCM, by a board certified cardiologist. This scan is not just one time, if you have a clear scan at any age, that is wonderful, but rescanning annually or bi-annually is very important, while on year the heart looks normal, depending on each individual cat will depend on when HCM will show itself. In Ragdolls, HCM is NOT recessive, it can only be passed by a parent. Right now, our breed has the Winn Feline Foundation, headed by Dr. Meurs for finding the gene for HCM in Ragdolls so we can get a DNA test out. If anyone is interested in donating to a worthy cause, please go to, around September, will be the 3rd annual, HCM/Ragdoll auction, and it ends a little before Christmas, the gifts that are donated are really nice. No, there won't be any live Raggies auctioned, just nice gifts in many price ranges.
I am very proud of CJ, as much as Koda, my husband was wonderful, about going out there to show, and I feel very blessed that he took my place at the show, without asking, to get Koda to the show. Thank you, CJ.
As you can tell, I am excited, so I know I will be posting tomorrows results as well.
Here is a slide show of pictures of our big boy at only 4 months, and yes he has done some growing in the past 2 months!!
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I didn't realize you were from OK! Where was the cat show? I didn't know one was going on.
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Thunderkatz club is hosting the annual TICA cat show, it usually comes into OKC area at the end of April. It is at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in the Centinnial Building. I believe spectator hours are 9AM-4PM, if you are close to Oklahoma City, come out and support Thunderkatz, and you can tell my husband hi, and how proud I am of him tomorrow.
Also, T-townkatz will host their 2nd annual TICA show in Tulsa in October of this year. I am not sure the location of where the show will be held yet, as last year it was the Civic Center, but I think I have heard them say, we won't have it there again. If you would be interested in the Tulsa show, let me know, and I can find out where it will be held and the exact dates. We will be there too.
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I live in OKC. Unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow. I will try to keep an eye out for it next year.
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Congrats - Charlie got one final in today's show - lets see how he does tomorrow
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Congrats CJ and Koda Hope the second day goes well.
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Thank you!! My thoughts will be with Charlie and you tomorrow, and wish him and you much luck at the show, but more than that to have as much fun as you can.
When the show season begins again, and there isn't many, many breeder coming out to get those last points of the season, it should be a little better. Koda was up against very nice competition, I hear the Siberian there is a cutie, and was doing very well.
Well GK, meet you here same time tomorrow, for updates on Charlie and Koda Bear!!
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All right! Way to go CJ and Koda. Koda's looking very handsome and fluffy, LOL! Good luck tomorrow.
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Congrats Koda! Keep up the good work for day 2.
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Congrats from here too. And better luck on Sunday!
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Congratulations on Koda's win! And I hope that he does well today, too!
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I am glad koda is doing so well! I am sorry you wasn't able to go with them to the show.
I hope you are feeling better soon and can get back to shows!
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Report so far from today, Koda has been in 4/6 rings, 1st BOC and 1st BOD in all 4 rings. CJ is still waiting from 4 of those rings to see if he has finaled, as the first 3, Koda did not final in, but we are waiting to see if the one judge who placed him 1st will final him, and then we wait to see how he does in the next 2 rings and wait for them to call finals for them. CJ said Koda is more comfortable today, and doing very well, and he loves his treat of chicken baby food after a ring. (Koda not CJ. )
I will be back in a few hours with final postings of this show. Of course, this will be the end of the show season, but we have one more kitten division, and then next we have about 9 shows lined up, that we hope to make it to within this next show season.
We have a new girl coming, I haven't announced it yet, as she won't be here until Friday, I think. She is a seal bicolor, with amazing parents, and we hope to see her follow in those footsteps. If she does as well as her breeder and I feel she does, she will just be one more kitten to add to her fathers almost DM title, as he has produced some beautiful Grands and Supremes. We are excited!!
When she gets here and is settled, we will show some pictures of her. Her name will be Serafina, in Swahili means "shining star", and since we name our cats in a Disney theme, Serafina was Nala's Mom on The Lion King.
Thank you again, for all the well wishes, I know CJ, Koda Bear, and I all appreciate it.
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Originally Posted by celestialrags View Post
I am glad koda is doing so well! I am sorry you wasn't able to go with them to the show.
I hope you are feeling better soon and can get back to shows!
Thank you, for your kind words. I can't wait to get back up and around. I just got off the phone with CJ, while Koda was finaling in B. Lee's ring. He got 10th best out of 36 kittens, again nice type, large boning, nice eye color and overall very nice Ragdoll. So, right now for the whole show, he has went into 10/12 rings, 1st BOC in all, 1st BOD in 9/10, and 2 finals one from Kovic as 10th best AB and today B. Lee finaled him as 10th in AB. Koda has 2 rings left, and we will see if he finals in either of the 2. We have a lot of wonderful, beautiful competition CJ and a few breeder friends said, and this is CJ and Koda first show, so I am proud of them both, and if I had a wheel chair, I think I might have went up for a couple of hours, but really I would have just been in the way of those trying to get their cats to and from rings. CJ got me a laptop, so I will stay in bed, and quit sitting up to type, so I have got on the computer a little more the last couple of days. I go next week to my appointment, and we will find out if the masses are cancerous or benign, I am not worried, though, as it is very rare, the only reason for the concern was the one mass was much larger than average, and it was sent to pathology. I am feeling much better, my energy level is returning, still in a lot of pain, and I guess for any woman who may have had a C-Section, it is similar to that, an abdominal full hysterectomy, I had large cysts, and the largest on the left side had grown so large, it began pushing on my bladder, and created a few problems. I wasn't allowed to have more children anyway, because of my heart, so that was already accepted, and we are blessed with one of each, and they are happy, healthy, beautiful children, but it is strange for it to seem so final. When the doctor said you will be 29 and thrust into menopause, also was a big shock, I am on estrogen patches, but if you knew my emotions...LOL, one would realize, that they will probably be adjusting the dosage....LOL I can go from this to this to this in a matter of seconds. Luckily, for the most part we can laugh about it, but I do look forward to the adjustment.
More updates soon on Koda Bear. Thank you again, hope you and Celeste are doing well, I have missed talking to you, I just have had a pretty rough month, and trying to keep things as normal and on schedule for the kids as we can. Lord only knows how blessed I am for the husband I have and the 2 children I was blessed with. I make sure to count those blessings each day.
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Grats on Koda's 2 finals! And I am sorry you are not feeling well.
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Thank you for your kind words, on both. I am doing much better, the worst is behind us, and I will be back on my feet again in no time. I have had many prayers from family and friends, and offers of help with our kids, to help CJ out if he needed it. My best friend that lives 5 hours away with an 18 month old and pregnant had made up her mind, that she was going to come down and take care of the kids, while I was healing. I didn't accept her offer, but as always her kindness and generosity, was amazing. I hope to go up there for a visit, when I am cleared for travel. In some of the worst times in ones life, is when you see who the true level of love in others. I know how blessed I am, even if I complain a little too much sometimes.
I will heal much faster, if it wasn't for one big problem, our 6 year old Ragdoll alter, Toulouse, who is 18 lbs, but not fat, thinks it is fun to walk across us while we sleep, or may even choose one of us to lay on. A few nights ago, he did just that and stepped right on the incision, I thought with the amount of pain I was in, that he had to have busted it open. It did swell a little, but thankfully no real damage. Toulouse can get away with anything, he just looks at us with those big blue eyes and will begin talking to us, and you can't stay mad at him.
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Final update of the Koda's first kitten show. CJ and Koda are done with the second day of showing, so I had to go ahead and write they have been in 12/12 rings now, and 1st BOC in all 12, and 1st BOD in 11/12. Kovic finaled him yesterday, out of 28 AB, and B. Lee finaled him today out of 38 AB, and his wife Susan finaled him as 2nd best kitten in SP. She said nice scoop, nice ears, nice plane, very good boning, very nice size, equal matched mitts!!! Yeah!!! 3/12 finals, 2 AB and 1 SP.
Koda will go back to one last kitten show in June, a one day alternative format show, 8 rings, and the 3 judges that have finaled him, Kovic and B. Lee, S. Lee will be at that show as well.
Thank you for letting me share our news with you, and thank you for all your kind words.

GoldenKitty, I hope Charlie did well, I have thought about him today. Can't wait to hear!!
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Charlie didn't get ANY finals today - but like you said - its a cut throat show - last one of the season, so I didn't expect anything really. Glad to get one final - very tough comp. but we more/less wanted to see his reaction in not being to a show for a few months.

He handled well, enjoy it, so no problems with going infrequently He has two shows next month - both start in the alter classes - ACFA and then CFA. Those will be the ones to really count towards his real show career and hopefully grand.
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Stormi, nice that Koda finaled 2 more times today. 3 of 12 isn't bad work for a kitten. Congrats!

Maybe one of these days will show at the same place. I go mostly up and down the east coast, but every once in awhile I'll venture westward. Usually if someone out that way is buying a kitten and I can spare the kitten the plane ride by meeting them. Hand off a kitten and attend a show works well for everyone.
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Congrats on your little boy (and big boy too). I'm glad to hear that a mitted did that well. It is really hard out here for a mitted to win division over the bi-colors. He must be really really nice.
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Koda sure is a pretty boy and sounds like he did great at the show.

I just read the brief report of your sister just went through the same thing! Her tumor was the size of 20 weeks pregnant, so likeyou she got "the works" with her surgery. then just at 5 weeks she developed a very large stricture and had to have the whole operation all over again to remove a foot of small bowel. She is doing well now.

I hope your recovery is progressing well. Please take it slow and take good care of yourself. Lucky you, has those sweet fuffy, snugglies kitties that make good bed buddies

If your hubby got photos of Koda at the show, would love to see them!
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