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Teddy now & then

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A day or so after he landed in our garden

Today, looking rather sleek & shiny
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Teddy looks like a black Sphynx!
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adorable! very handsome cat indeed
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Awwwwwwwwww look at that sweet little boy ....
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He's so handsome and shiny...Love your new Sig
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nice looking kitty.
but i must had he looks much better fighting those evil tp monsters
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Awww he looks like he's growing up! He's a beautiful colour. In the most recent picture it looks as though he has some ginger showing through.
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What a beautiful boy, very regal. He also looks like he is very happy and contented in his life.
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he is just such a handsome boy and he sure is growing up, his coloring is gorgeous, his eyes are gorgeous, ok hes just GORGEOUS completely
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I just that lil white spot!
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Wow! Hasn`t he grown? He`s looking more of a man cat now.
How old is he now? He`s such a dapper young chappie!
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I can't believe how glossy his fur is!, he's gorgeous
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Wow, he has grown so much since you got him! He's gorgeous

I love the new sig, lol.
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His fur looks so soft and shiny!!
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