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Wormer and Flea treatments safe?

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I've looked around Kalli's hair for flea's and ticks. But I haven't found any. Just to be on the safe side though, I would like to treat her. But I do not like using collars on cats at all, so a flea collar is out. Would it harm the kittens?

I dont know if she does have any worms or not, but also to be on the safe side, I would like to treat her for it also. Is that okay to use?
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I was told that Panacur is safe for worming, you can get that at your vet. Also, Frontline *should* be ok to put on her for fleas, but check with your vet first to see what he/she says.
Definitely don't use a flea collar and please don't use any store brand flea meds or wormers (such as Hartz), as they are not safe for animals at all.
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I would not use anything OTC. Go to you're vet for everything. They should know what would be safe for a nursing momma cat.
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I have two suggestions. At our rescue we bathe kittens in dawn dish soap, and that kills the fleas and is very safe on the kitties.

When they get older we use the frontline spray, which is a pump per so many ounces of weight.
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Another vote here on the Dawn Dish Soap, works amazingly! Then go to your vet to find out what is safe to use.
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i agree with the soap , but frontline is safe to use on a pregnant cat , and on kittens from 4 days old , but only recomended if the problem is bad.
your vet can give you worming stuff for a pregnant cat , drontal is not safe to use on a pregnant mamma. flee colours are a big nono .
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Okay thanks!
We're taking the goat to the vet (we sure do sseem to go there alot, spike and the white goat went there wednesday, two separate vets, in two different towns, at two different times, what a hassle. but we have a vet who we like for our dogs and a vet we like for our goats, and horse,and cats) sometime Monday or early this week, I can't quite remember when they made the appt., so I will have to ask him about Kalli, and see if I can get some stuff from him.
If I can just use frontline, I think it would be best to go with that, because it would be hard to give her a bath, and it would stress the both of us out. But I'll ask him a bout it, or have my mom.
She sleeping one the deck furniture right now, its pretty cute.
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with the frontline i belive the only safe one is the spray and not the spot on, some of my cats really stress about the spray on one , so what i would recomend is taking her to the vet , get them to check to see if she has any signs of flees , if she hasnt dont flee her , wait untill she has had the kittens , i know my vets will not give me flee stuff unless the problem is bad on a pregnant cat. they tell me to go with the soap and combing option.
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Okay, I think I am taking her tothe vet with us. But I'm not sure. I may just talk to him about it. She doesn't seem tohave any fleas at all on her, and we have been checking. Maybe we'll just hold off then....
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