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Sam's new pillow

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Sam spends a lot of time sitting on my cedar chest looking out the window. So I cleared everything off the top of the chest, and bought him a big, fluffy, soft pillow that is covered in fake fur - sheepskin texture. He watched me clearing the space, I rearranged the furniture so that the chest was centred under the window, plumped up the pillow, and set him on it.

He stayed there for 8 hours.

He is a very spoiled cat, but I love it when he appreciates the expensive toys and accessories that I feel obliged to provide. And the pillow is large enough for Sam and the hypothetical new cat to share.

I'll post photos later.
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Sounds like he is "Lord of all he survays"
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I'm thinking "King of the world".

He certainly demands to be admired. He will roll on his back on the floor, and meow. That seems to suggest that he wants a belly rub, but if you try that he complains. What he really wants is for someone to say "Oh what a beautiful cat. What a wonderful cat. I've never seen quite so marvellous a cat". Then he gets up and goes on his way.
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Every time I read one of your posts, I think "What a lucky cat Sam is to have found a second Mommy who loves him so much." Then I think, "Whew! I'm not the only who spoils their babies that much!" :LOL:

He is definitely King of the Castle.
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Of course he should have a window seat and be the center of attention, and I'm sure he appreciates the fact that you're learning your job. Of course you understand that on many occasions he will completely ignore expensive gifts--just to keep you in your place! Ah, yes. It's so nice to live with royalty!
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Yes, it is strange that no matter how much I fuss and spoil him (basically, he has human company and attention on demand 24 hours a day), I still feel like I am not doing enough. Now that he has a nice comfy view out the window, I think that he needs a bird feeder to watch - so I'm figuring out how to rig one up. Oh, and the birds might like it too, or something like that. My vet laughs at me when I tell her I want to get him a pet hamster. So I didn't tell her about the fish tank.

And Valanb, I think that I am so lucky to have this little (big) guy in my life. My landlord has been telling me for years that I need a cat, now I know why.

Here's the lord and master.
post #7 of 22 if only WE could be so regal! :tounge2:
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Oops - another try at the photo.
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And just for the record, here's one of me with Sam the day we got him. I had always been a "dog" person, so I called this one "my new dog", and sent it to my family to introduce the new arrival. Notice, he is not fat, just big. Like me.
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Oh how cute! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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Hehe, I know what you mean about spoiling them. I handmade a cat bed, and have handmade 2 pillows so they can lay on the desk with us, since we spend most of our days there. The first pillow I made wasn't big enough for Jorin, so I made him a 2 1/2 foot long pillow out of red velvet. All the pillows are hand-stuffed. Now I have no desk space for me, but Jorin can lay full-length in comfort!
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These gorgeous pillow babies just made me laugh! They are so beautiful and just so spoiled and they are loving it!
Diann in Australia
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I need to have some sort of arrangement like that. My cats love the window, but we never open the curtains because we are in a basement suite and then there is too much light and we can't sleep (Night shift workers) and we can't leave the curtains open while we sleep... arg. ONE DAY I'll own a house with lots of windows and each one will have a kity ledge on it. oooh Tigger would be in heaven.:tounge2: Tigger already cuddles on my lap while I try and type (once in a while), so I don't think I need a desk pillow, although, if the hubby gets his way and we get a bigger desk, the kitty will definetly have a pillow on here. It's all about space.
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Oh dear, Sam better not see that red velvet number or he'll want one. That is beautiful, and Jorin looks really happy with it.

Sam likes "helping" me type - I don't need one of the those ergonomic wrist pads to use my keyboard, I just rest my wrists on my cat.
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You two look so great! What a beautful cat!!!!!

Our guys LOVE watching out the window. They sit on the back of the couch. I call it "Cat T.V." We put a bird feeder out there, and one of those ones that sticks to the window with suction cups. They LOVE IT!!!!!

We also have actual sheepskins lying around the house. Lazlo LOVES them to death! Sheldon thinks they're weird to walk on, and went through a phase of ripping at them. Fortunately he gave it up - I was worried we were going to have to deprive Laz of his comfy naps....

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LDG says "What a beautful cat!!!!!"

Sam says thank you. You have also fallen under his spell, and know the correct response when you see him.

I just found this photo - Sam at work. This is where he lies in the office at work - in top of the radiator cover, beside the window. Then he can keep warm, and look out the window. Notice how he manages to spread out to occupy the maximum surface area.
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heh, anyone who wants one of those cat pillows, just let me know. I'm making them to earn christmas $$$ since I'm unemployed.
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OH my gosh, that is adorable. I have been thinking I need to get a pillow for my girls for on my window mantle. Isn't it fun to spoil them?

Myste, what do you charge for a pillow? Shipping, all that good stuff?
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Oh - I think that my sister's little black cat would look wonderful on a red velvet cushion. Send me an e-mail - I'll make it visible in my profile.
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If I got this picture to attach correctly, you should be seeing my little Dorian asleep under his covers and on my pillow... he does this himself, i swear i didn't put the blanket on him... I used to do it, but then he just learned how to get himself under the covers on his own... he is a spoiled one... he's my doodlebug...
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Dorian is a real cutie! That's too funny that he sleeps under the covers like that.
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I'm charging $10 for a small pillow and $15 for the large, plus shipping. The large is 30"x15" and the small is 15"x15". Jorin is on a large pillow.
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