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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Can I answer twice?
of course !

well as I said in the OP I've been digging about in all my old CD's and guess what I found Best of James Bond ! ! DH is a bit of a 007 freak, so I think I got it for a birthday for him..........
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No music for me right daughter is watching a movie
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Great Big Sea "Come and I will Sing You", off the CD "The Hard and The Easy. Now it is "Old Polina" from that CD
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I'm listening to the XM station Highway 16 (country), and it's now playing Kenny Chesney - Beer in Mexico.
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I'm listening to the Disney Radio station. Right now they are playing my favorite Disney song Tapestry of Nations.
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I am playing a cd called "Good Time Anthems". Just finished listening to "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Spring field and currently listening to Cheap Trick "Surrender"
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Right now the "Once More with Feeling" Buffy Musical Soundtrack. Specifically, the reprise between Giles and Tara. Next is Walk Through the Fire.
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"Party all the Time" Eddie Murphy, from the Good Times Anthems CD
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Originally Posted by psjauntie View Post
Robin Thicke - The evolution of Robin Thicke. There is one song on CD called tell me u love me. I am soooo in love with this song, drives DH crazy.
Isn't he the guy that was on AI recently???? I quit liking most music in the early 80's....
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Just the radio on in the background
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My Celtic Woman CD, song Last Rose of Summer/Walking in the Air
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