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Gooooooood News!

Milo is home!!!

They called around 10:30 this morning to tell me that he did really well overnight and could go home this afternoon!! So I picked him up at 4....he was sooooo happy to see me, hehehe. And I can tell that he feels sooooo much better already. He practically almost jumped out of his carrier when I opened it up at home (I stopped him, hehe). So I got him out and put him on the floor, and he preceeded to stand up and start walking! Admittedly very wobbly steps, but still!! So then I put him in his kennel, because I didn't want him walking TOO much on Post Op Day #1....and he immediately sat down on his haunches to eat his food! He started scarfing it down. He hasn't sat on his haunches like a normal cat since before the breaks happened. And now he's totally pissed that he's stuck in his kennel...I'm going to let him out soon when I'm done on here and can watch him closely so he doesn't try to walk too much.

It doesn't look like convincing him to walk around and play for rehab will be a problem at all!

We thank you all again for your love, head bonks, and happy thoughts! I'll keep you updated...I'm optimistic that he's showing signs of a quick and easy recovery!!!
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That's great news! It's amazing how quickly they can bounce back. I hope his recovery continues to be smooth!
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oh my gosh, i'm so glad he's doing better. how long had milo acted strange before he got hurt?
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Renovia, it's hard to say, because it was subtle and I wasn't really picking up on it until I thought in retrospect.

Since he was a kitten, he had always seemed less graceful than our other cat, Lucy, when jumping up onto things. I just assumed that was because he was a bigger, different cat. Also, for a long time, he's always let out a little "hmph" noise when jumping down off of the bed or the couch. Before I just thought nothing of it, because he's a pretty vocal cat, but now I realize it might have been because the landing hurt. He has also sat in a peculiar way for a long time...kind holding himself up with his front legs, and leaning
on one hip with both his legs splayed out in the same direction (on the side opposite the hip he's leaning on). Again, I thought this was just how he sat, but then when I read another cat mom's story about her baby before he needed bilateral hip surgery, she noted that he sat this way as well. Finally, for the past month or so, I had noticed that instead of trying to jump up on the couch, he has been standing up on his hind legs and trying to use his front legs to pull himself up onto it. I noticed that his front claws were kind of sticking in the couch fabric when he did this, and I just thought "oh, i need to trim his claws."

So basically, he did have some signs, I was just clueless to them. But now that I think back, it seems that he had been having some hip pain for awhile. Which makes me even more confident that he did, in fact, have Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and his little hips had been becoming weaker and weaker.

He's soooo happy to be home...I let him out of his kennel, and he has been walking around quite a bit! He has settled down in one of his favorite spots by my bed, and I laid down to give him chin scratches...he just purrrrred and purred.
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Im so happy that everything went great! I wish a speedy recovery for the little man. Knowing that someone else has gone through this without problems is calming me down alot.
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Im so glad he is recovering......... He is very lucky to have you as a mom.......

I was getting ready to send a link with financial aide info in it when I read he had already had his surgery.......

Hope he continues to blossom......

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Aww, I'm so glad he's feeling better! And I know that's such a relief to you. Bless his little pea-picker!
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So now that he's settled in at home, and not quite so excited, he's sleeping a lot. But he is still getting up and walking some, and seems to feel a lot better!!!

Gothicangel, how is Zorro doing???
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He's doing better and better! He walked around a lot last night and even more today, and his walk is looking a bit steadier. He even stood up on his hind legs and put his front paws on the couch as if he was about to jump up! Of course I didn't let him, and picked him up onto the couch instead, but the fact that he made the effort is encouraging!! Right now he's sleeping in his favorite spot under my bed.
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That is very encouraging news!
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It is so great to hear how well he is going!
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Hello all!

I am happy to report that Milo is doing better and better every day. I decided to try taking him off the Metacam since he seemed to be doing so well, and also since I have read all the bad things online about Metacam and kitties...so he got his last dose on Saturday morning, and he did great yesterday, and when I woke up this morning, he was acting more like himself than he has in a long time!

Last night he curled up in my lap for the first time since before his legs broke, and he was sooooo happy (so was I!) He just purred and purred and was so happy.

His surgical wounds seem to be healing well...he has partially pulled out the top layer of sutures, but the vet told me that he placed a subcuticular layer of sutures (RIGHT under the skin) so that if he chewed at them the wounds wouldn't come wide open. I can tell that they're itchy and bothering him some as they heal, but they look good.

Thanks again for all your happy thoughts and support!!
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That's great news! I'm glad Milo is doing well.

My Pumpkin broke her leg when she was a tiny kitten. She was too small to pin it, so she (we) had to endure 6 weeks of solitary confinement in a crate. It was a very long wait. I wish we could have operated instead. They sure bounce back amazingly fast.
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Bless his heart. I'm glad he's doing well.
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Wow, I can't imagine having to keep him in his crate for that long! He started to resist me putting him in there after only 3 days! 6 weeks must have been a loooooong time!
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Thank you, catsare better!
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Originally Posted by HOUMedGal View Post
Wow, I can't imagine having to keep him in his crate for that long! He started to resist me putting him in there after only 3 days! 6 weeks must have been a loooooong time!
Very long!! That was from age 6 weeks to 12 weeks. Not easy to keep her still, even in the crate!

I'm so glad that Milo is improving nicely. Give him a hug for me
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I most certainly will!!! I'll post a couple of new pics of him WALKING and SITTING like a normal cat (!!!) later too.
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Here is a pic from today...Milo sitting like a normal cat with normal hips!!

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Walking like a NORMAL CAT!! LOOK AT HIM GOOO!!!

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And now he's standing.........like a normal cat!!

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And finally, laying with his legs all tucked under him...................yes, like a normal cat.

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And, just for fun, Milo as a little bitty 8 weeker....right after I adopted him. Isn't he the CUUUUTEST thing you've ever seen?!?!? The lamp is about 3 times bigger than he is! hehehe

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What a precious boy!
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Thank you!!!
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Hello all! I was just reading through this old thread from when Milo had his surgery...it's been 8 months now! I just wanted to post an update so that if anyone else comes looking for advice like I did, Milo's story will be even more complete!

Milo has done sooooooo well since surgery. At this point, you wouldn't know by looking at him and watching him. He is able to jump up onto the bed, chairs, couch, etc with ease. He has also found out how to get up onto the kitchen counter again, not in one jump, but in a jump onto the windowsill and then a several foot lateral jump onto the counter! Resourceful, eh?

He is a very happy boy, doesn't seem to be in any residual pain at all. Doesn't seem to hurt when I pick him up, loves curling up in my lap....

We achieved exactly what I wanted (and more) with this procedure...a happy, pain-free existence, with the bonus that he's pretty much as mobile as ever! Practically a completely normal boy.

Thanks again to everyone who sent happy thoughts and prayers when I came here 8 months ago so heartbroken and scared for my baby boy. I'm so happy to be able to share our excellent outcome with you!
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I just read this thread. What a wonderful ending to a very scary situation. I would have freaked out too. Milo is gorgeous.
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What an amazing mom you are! Glad he is doing so well and he is a stunning cat!
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Thanks, lilyluvscats and Jeep_kitty! He's such a sweet boy...I'm just so glad he's happy and healthy.
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