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Questions about "good" China...

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1. Do you have it?
2. What does it look like?
3. How often do you use it?
4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?

My answers:
1. Yes, my mother made sure that I did.

2. It's a beautiful blue and white pattern from the UK. I've been looking for an image of it on line for a while but I can't find it.

3. For holidays and for company.

4. It was inherited from my Mom. She had no use for it any longer.
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1. Do you have it?

yes - 2 sets

2. What does it look like?

white with a silver line around the edge

dark green with a gold line around the edge

3. How often do you use it?

when guests are over and at celebration meals, Christmas etc

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?

bought it
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1. I do have good china. I got it when I got married, though I only have 4 full place settings for the plates and siverware themselves, only 2 for the crystal. I do have all the accessories (gravy dish, creamer and sugar, etc)

2. Here is a link to what it looks like: http://www.lenox.com/cat/index.cfm?f...pid=21002&kf=1 Basically pretty classic, which I wanted it to be.

3. In the 4 years of our marriage, we have yet to use it. It's basically being stored on the shelves in my study. We don't have room to put it out, but when we buy our house, a dining set including china hutch is on the top of the list of furniture to buy! I can't wait to use it!

4. Guess I went and answered this already! We got it all as wedding gifts, though I have more to buy. I would like to have enough to serve 12.
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1. Do you have it?

Yes two sets
2. What does it look like?
Bone with layered gold ( ie filagree)

bone with simple bands of gold
3. How often do you use it?
Teacups reg of one set
otherwise maybe at the holidays
4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?
One set is great grandmas
One set is grandmas
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1. Do you have it?

Nope, don't see the point of it. We have one set of plates, bowls etc that we use that are fairly nice (although one dinner plate has a big crack in it now ), and we just use them all the time.

If someone gave us a nice set of china we'd probably just put it away somewhere and never use it...
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No, I don't have any.I'd be affraid with 4 kids that it would get chipped.
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1: Do you have it: Yes, one set

2:What does it look like:Ivory Bone, floral pattern, gold trim and gold swirl...very old fashioned. You can go here and then click on the gallery of photos of available pieces (it is a retired pattern now):http://www.replacements.com/webquote/MIKREME.htm

3: How often do you use it: most major holidays, our anniversary, when my parents or inlaws visit

4: Did you buy it or was it inherited: We bought some and were gifted with some when we got married. Have just a set for 4, and many additional pieces - gravy boat, creamer etc. I look forward to our leaving this to one of our nieces. I really love this pattern, and think it is exquisitely beautiful
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1. Do you have it? Yes

2. What does it look like? Black with a pale purple flower

3. How often do you use it? All special occasions, holidays, family dinners and just when I want the meal to feel special

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited? Most of it was received as wedding gifts, but I did buy some of the companion pieces off of ebay.
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Don't have any. I have 4 plates, several bowls and assorted mugs. Maybe someday!
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Here's mine: http://www.blueandwhite.com/products.asp?p=MASN17679

My Mom bought it when she and Dad went over to London for vacation! I think it's beautiful.
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Nope, we asked for nice everyday type dishes (Johnston Brothers Old English White) that has all the "nice setting" stuff with it (gravy boat, serving bowls and platters, etc.- looks pretty in the china cabinet, too ) and we use plain ol' Corelle for everyday. We knew that 1) we were having a fairly small wedding, and we would be more likely to get service for 12 (we got 13) with a less expensive choice, and 2) we would use it more often if we weren't afraid of breaking it, and didn't have to handwash it ). I just have plain ol' Farberware flatware, too, that matches it that we use everday.

A thief would be really disappointed if they bothered to break into our house- we're terribly practical!
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No- we do not own any. Perhaps someday when we get married we will request some in our registry or just buy it I would love to have a set for nice occassions. I LOVE to cook and think it would be great to have just a romantic candle lit dinner with them every now and again and also it would be good for holidays and other special occassions. Right now we just have a few miss matched dishes his mom gave us
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Nope! I like plain, white dinner plates; I do, however, buy smaller, sald/dessert plates cheap--in colors or patterns, and use them with the white plates (WalMart vintage! ) That way, I can vary the settings for holidays, etc. I usually buy my cheap plates at WalMart--some are only .94 each, but look and work great. I like nice stuff, but not stuff that I have to be too careful with. I want to be able to put them in the dishwasher. They have great Libbery glass salad plates in various colors--I have the green ones, which look so nice any time of the year--and you can use them in the micro and put them in the dishwasher--less than a dollar each! (I also love the Libbey iced tea goblets that cooordinate--violet purple (the exact shade of the rabies vaccine serum !!! , and the olive green. They're substantial, but yet elegant. A mere $2.27 each...)

I'm not crazy about the fine china patterns that have colors, etc. It seems so limiting--and they tend to stay locked up in a china cabinet!

Hubby built a sort of china hutch into the former pass-through from the kitchen into the family room. It looks very pretty--we used beadboard for the backing; and he made grooved shelves, and I painted the whole thing gloss white enamel. I display some of the colored plates, and change them for the different seasons. It looks so pretty! I also put teapots on the lower, deeper shelf. At Christmas, I tuck in sprigs of greenery next to the Christmas plates (.98 each from the Goodwill!).

My favorite plates are white stoneware, with scalloped and/or embossed rims. After our honeymoon, I tried in vain to get the Pfalzgraff ones we used in the B&B on our honeymoon, but couldn't. They were pretty, and I wanted a momento of our stay. I used to see that pattern all the time, too! Drat!

I did, however, get Mom-In-Law's family silver (o.k., really plated!) last year. It belonged to HER Mom-in-law, and was only made for 1 year, in 1916. It's the Heraldic pattern, and has the family monogram in Olde English script on it. It has a sort of baronial look to it. It's not worth much (on eBay a lot), but I just love it. I love stuff from the WWI era, and also that it has been used by family brides for nearly 100 years. I use it when we entertain, and for Suday dinner with just us.


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1. Do you have it?

Yes. Two sets, actually. [1] Royal Worcester "Mirage" [2] Don't know it's name

2. What does it look like?

[2] A similar design, but the band is emerald green, and the trim is gold -- too bright for my taste, actually.

3. How often do you use it?

[1] Not as often as I should. I love it, and love to use it, but I'm often lazy about it. Special occasions, though.

[2] Never. It's in boxes. I don't ever expect to have a need for so much "good" china at one time that I could imagine it being pressed into service.

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?

[1] I chose the pattern, and bought a fair bit of it myself, but also received a fair bit as gifts.

[2] Inherited -- are you surprised?
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1. Do you have it? My dad is apparently holding a set for me, but we did not register for any when DH and I got married. We registered for earthenware, which we use all the time.

2. What does it look like? I don't know, I have never seen it before.

3. How often do you use it? n/a

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited? The set my dad has was his mother's.
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1. Do you have it? Yes, I have Noritake Carthage, the pattern has been discontinued. My crystal and flatware are so, so. But I do have enough to serve a regular dinner.

2. What does it look like? White with pink and gray flowers and a platinum rim. Here is a picture from the Replacements.com website...I have purchased additional items serving bowls, etc. from this site they ROCK!

3. How often do you use it? Rarely, I am so paranoid that I'll break it while washing the dishes.

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited? My husband and I bought it at the base exchange in Yokuska, Japan before we got married.
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1. Do you have it?
2. What does it look like?
3. How often do you use it?
4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?
1. Yes I do have a set.
2. It is called Royal Albert, Lavander Rose Pattern, it is very pretty with white base and pale lavander roses on it.
3. I generally use it only on special occasions, like christmas, or a formal family get together.
4. Both, I have some newer pieces that I purchased myself but the basic set was started by my grandmother a number of years ago. I have 5 pieces of hers, another 15 pieces added by my mother, then about 15 pieces I have purchased myself.
It is a great set and the family history behind it makes it much more special to me then anything else.
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Someday, when I have a nice big house, I will own a set of beautiful china and display it nicely and use it once a week for Sunday dinner, and for every other special occasion. I will make the (non-existent) husband and children dress nicely and we will all sit down to a lovely dinner together. Perhaps my parents and the (non-existent) in-laws will drop by for dinner too. There will be candles on the table and a beautiful tablecloth and napkins, and a wonderful vase full of fresh flowers, picked that afternoon from my garden. Someday...
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Years ago, a friend gave me a complete six-person set of old 1930s carnival-glass dishes -- not good china, but vintage and cool.

But what I really love is '50s Jade-ite, and I've picked up just a few odd pieces here and there... it's usually much too expensive for me. The best find was an ultra-thick old restaurant coffee mug for a quarter at Goodwill!
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No I don't have any. I got Johnson Bros stoneware way back when we got married (1985) but several pieces are showing their age. I did get a cool autumn themed set off of ebay last fall that I use during that time of year.
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1. Do you have it?
Yes, I have an old set from the turn of the century.

2. What does it look like?
White with silver rims and a beautiful flower in the middle.

3. How often do you use it?
Very rarely.

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?
This was my great-grandmothers set that was given to me from my grandmother. I eventually will give it to my daughter later in life..
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1. Do you have it?

2. What does it look like?
Noritake Ontario

3. How often do you use it?
Special Occasions

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?
Since DH and I had already furnished 2 houses, the china was the only thing we asked for. We got most of it and then used the cash gifts to finish the set. Got a really good deal because my aunt worked at Joslins at the time.
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I don't have any good china. I don't have a formal dining room in my house and I honestly don't entertain, so I never really saw the use of owning any. My mother has a beautiful set of Noritake china that she got as a wedding gift 50 years ago next February. She asked me if I wanted it. It's never been used, and in pristine condition. I suppose I could purchase a nice china cabinet to display it, but I doubt I'd ever use it either. I just said it would be better to leave it stored in her basement. You never know what my rambunctious girls could do to it if I moved it here!

Pookie & the girls
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I can't say i have fine china, I have my everyday set of white plates then I have my "antique" circa 1950's fireking dishes in anniversary gold(?) my set is a total placement for 15, plates, bowls, salad, plates, coffee cups with enough dishes for 30plus the serving bowls creamer and suger bowl and serving platters, still adding to the collection though allways on the lookout for more soup bowls and salad plates.
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1. Do you have it?
2. What does it look like?
Dark Purple sorta see through
3. How often do you use it?
Never, in this house it would be broken!
4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?
I have no idea
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I posted earlier that I don't have fine china. Still don't but would someday like to have the fiestaware. It isn't fine, but I like it. Anyone else have fiestaware?
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This thread has reminded me of one of my favorite lines from a movie ...

In "Out of Africa", there is a scene where the Baroness first arrives in Africa and meets her new servant, Farah (probably spelled wrong). She is concerned about her china getting back to her house intact and says to Farah, "You know about china?" and he replies, "Yes, I know china. It breaks."

*LOL* I love that movie.
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1. Do you have it?


2. What does it look like?

White with tiny pink, yellow, and blue flowers

3. How often do you use it?

Almost never

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?

It was inherited from my father's parents who have passed away
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1. Do you have it?
no. my "fine china" is corelle in winter white. seriously, i'm too much of a klutz. i'm sure i would break fine china.
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1. Do you have it?


2. What does it look like?

Well it corrently looks like a brown cardbord box. No seriously it's royal dulton with leaves on it.

3. How often do you use it?

Never actually used it I don't live in a big enough place to have more than 3 people over at a time.

4. Did you buy it or was it inherited?

Inherited from my great aunt.
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