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Too Sad Not To Post

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I know this story is about a dog. And I know this is a CAT site. But we are all animal lovers aren't we? Found this when I was doing a search on Rottweilers. Too sad.

It's called: I Found Your Dog Today

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Oh good grief, that is just so sad...
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That is sad, but probably based on a real experience. I wish somehow every person would be able to see that these creatures we keep as "pets" are living, breathing beings. They feel, perhaps not in the exact way we do, but they do feel love, pleasure, pain, and sadness.
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Oh my gosh...how terribly tragic and sad. And I am SURE it is based on truth. So many people buy pets and then "abandon" them for whatever reason...but there is no excuse.

Don't ever be sorry for sharing things like that here...yes it is a cat site, but I believe that first, and foremost, everyone here is an animal lover...with a special fondness for kitty kits.
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WOW! what a person it took to write something so powerful as this...
It brought a lump to my throat...
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Oh this is so sad. All I can think about is Ceasar and how his first family left him at the shelter. I tried so hard to give him a loving home and well it just did not work out. This really makes me feel so bad for taking him back there.
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I'm sure the story is based on truth also. My brother-in-law lives on a farm, and he has allowed many, many abandoned cats to live the rest of their lives in his barn. Many of the cats are close to starvation and death when they first arrive. My brother-in-law gets soooooo upset with people who just take their pets out to the country and hope someone else will find them and take care of them.
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