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Moving Across Country

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So recently me and my husband decided to move from our home in the suburbs of Chicago, to Sunny Arizona. Well, we haven't moved yet. I have a 3 month old kitty named Gizmo. He will be about 4 or 5 months before we go. What do I do to transport the little bugger? See we are taking our cars down there. And he is fiesty. I am too afraid to just let him have full access to the car. Driving across country is hard enough without having a freaky little cat running around. Please help me!!!!!!
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Well, yes it is not a good idea to let them run around. Not only because they can get in your way or get out when you stop. But because if god forbid you were in an accident, you want him protected. You can get a large enough carrier to put a small litter pan in. Also, you can treat it like he was going to have surgery the next day and stop the water and food a few hours before travel. Then just put him in a regular carrier. I took 3 cats from CA to CT and NONE of them would even use the litter. When we stopped for the night, they all ate and used the box in the hotel room. You can get something to help calm the nerves, I just prefer not to. If they have a reaction to the drug a vet is never near by. If you want to try and relax him, I would get some of the herbal things at the pet store and try them well before you leave.
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Definitely use a secured kitty carrier! It will be a lot safer for all involved and would also make him feel more secure.

Some cats travel just great and sleep the way, others get panicky and scream the whole way. When we moved to our new house a couple of months ago, my two cats were wailing like they were being tortured. It's very hard to listen to but please whatever he says do not let him out of the carrier during the ride! We use a regular carrier and put some newspapers at the bottom. Take something to cover the carrier and keep it out of direct sunlight.

And the most important thing - NEVER leave the cat alone in the car! The inside of the car can get very hot even on cool days and cats can have a heatstroke very easily!
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Well I think that alot depends on the temperment of your kitten. We have a 3 month old boy bengal. We have family 8 hours away, and didn't have a sitter, so we brought him. It went very very well (even though he is very energetic!!)...Here is everything we did to prepare.
First we bought a carrier...the nice large gym bag type that is mostly holes...we bought it at petsmart. We also got a soft blanket to place on the bottom, and put his stuffed toy inside. Then we left the bag around so he could get used to it for about a week. (sometimes if he jumped in I would carry him around the house in it OPEN just to get him used to the movement in it...then we started taking him on small car rides (so that going to the vet wasn't his only ride!) At first he hated it and cried...but eventually he was better. I take him out of the carrier. If there are two of you..you can control him...if I'm alone he would stay in...Then when we finally took the drive, the first couple of hours he would cry a little, but he mostly slept. (highway driving is much more constant). We put his litter box on the floor and food and water. He only ate and drank when we stopped for gas...I had heard that he probably wouldn't use the litter...but after about 7 hours of being in the car I placed him in it and he went. I would test him out on practice runs. Trust me...he will eventually fall asleep on you the rest of the ride. Being cooped up will only aggravate him, so I would only do that if he doesn't settle down after a while...Good Luck!
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Well my kitten is very good in the car. I take him back and forth to my mom's at least 3 times a week and he is wonderful. He never cries. But he has never been in the car for more than 30 mins at a time. Now he will be in the car like 11 or 12 hours until we stop 4 the night. should i get a big carrier so he can run around alot? He get very hyper at certain times of the day. And we will be moving in summer and i plan to run the AC even when i leave the car. Believe me...i would never leave him in there. WEll thank you for your advice, if ne one else had ne suggestions i would greatly appreciate them!!
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he/she is going to be fine...it's usually the short trips that they don't have time to get comfortable that they get roudy. Those wild times of the day...will probably change in the car...I'm positive that you will be surprised at how well the trip will go...I am leash training my kitty because of the bylaws in my state, so he can get fresh air...if you have time you may want to consider this as well...so you can play at a rest stop.
let me know how it goes...
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Well i think it will go well now. I just wanted to be reasured that he will be ok. Besides he likes the drive with the window down so he can get a nice breeze. He will have fun...i hope!!! Thank you so much

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