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Anyone using Glargine?

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Toby has been off insulin for a year and a half, but unfortunately his glucose has shot back up and we have to resume injections. He was on Humulin U previously, which is no longer made. The vet wants to try Glargine, which should be once a day instead of twice (hopefully). The Humulin was about $37 for 10mls and Glargine was $88 at the first place I checked. If anyone is using it, have you found a place that's a little more reasonably priced? Also, do you know if the Glargine has a limited shelf life after it's opened? Even though refrigerated, the Humulin had to be thrown out after a certain number of days....can't remember exactly, but it was like 30-60. I know I'll find this out after I buy it. Just curious.

I gave Toby shots morning and night for three years, so this last year and a half has been like a vacation. Sigh... At least he's treatable, that's something to be thankful for.
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The vets I work for refuse to use it, since there is such a big risk of them becoming hypoglycemic. They are suppose to have blood glucose curves every week for the first 4 weeks and its recommended that they stay in the hospital for the first 3-5 days on it. It has been known to reverse diabetes in newly diagnosed cats. Which on one hand is good, because then the cat doesn't have diabetes. But on the other hand, if there blood glucose is starting to return to normal, and you give them an insulin injection, you can kill them.

There are other types of insulin out there that are more affordable and less dangerous. Humlin-n OR PZI are the two that the vets I work with like to use. Humlin-N is about 20 dollars if you buy walmarts brand. (I think its called novalin) And PZI is about 60 dollars.

Just be careful if you start on the glargine insulin. Its the newest on the market for cats, so there are a lot of vets who just want to try the up and coming things without taking the right precautions.

Good luck to you on getting your baby regulated... I recently learned how hard it can be....
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The vet, who is younger, did caution me to watch him closely for hypoglycemia. When we talked yesterday he said he wanted to do some additional research on the glargine before prescribing it, but he did say that the feedback he received had been very positive. Since I'm working far less hours now, I feel better about trying it because I can be home to monitor him. And I already checked the cupboard for Karo syrup.

Are PZI and Humulin-N still usually twice daily? That was a big plus in favor of the Glargine. I don't have anyone that I can really rely upon to give the shots so it was a real problem before. (I live at least 1/2 hour drive from family or friends, and they don't really do shots)

Toby is fifteen now, so I know he has been fortunate considering all his medical issues. Still, he's one of the easiest cats in the world to medicate so I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Also...this vet is fairly young, but he has made a couple of catches that both vets prior to him missed. I know...it can go either way.

I think I may check on leaving him at the clinic if I do go in to work during the week, just as a precaution.
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Most of the time, the glargine does have to be used twice a day in cats. It is used in humans as a once daily insulin. The other insulins I mentioned both have to be given twice daily.

Here's a little more info on the glargine...

You may also want to send menagerie mama a PM. Her cat Bob is on glargine...
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