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Thank You All...

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Thanx to all of you who gave me advise.....Alley had been throwing up for a year until the news came out about the treats and canned food (that I used for treats). So after I stopped feeding her those, she stopped getting sick--about 7 weeks ago now, and she isn't losing hair like she was--it was awful--how much she lost daily. She's only two yrs old now and has been thru some terrible things. Before the poisoned snacks for a year, she was butchered by some jerk at a vet hospital and the declawing (front paws) was botched (bones and cartlidge could be seen thru the incisions) so they got infected and she had to be confined to a small cage for two weeks with a cone (couldn't even turn around). This was all after she was rescued from a dumpster near apartments she had been hanging out at in hopes of finding an owner. I have to feel sorry for her, but I know she lives a good life now. These are the reasons I want to protect her and have asked all of your help to ensure she doesn't have to go thru some other undeserved crap.....so, you see, I really appreciate the info. And she is such a joy to be with--always up to something and very smart, funny and cute. In fact, I have put a video of her on You Tube entitled A Fetching Tabby. She could be taught many more tricks--if I knew how to teach her and spent more time with it--inspite of all the "stuff" she's been thru.
Some of you have asked what I feed her regularly--Nutro, Natural Choice--Indoor Adult and Nutro, Max Cat Gourmet Classics Adult. For snacks, until I got your advise I was giving her small amounts of "people" canned tuna. I also grow herb grass and she now eats it less often, I think because she feels so much better.
I am printing and keeping your suggestions and will watch for other helpful hints, as I have not owned a cat for many years.....Thx again
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It sounds as though your Alley is a wonderful, bright girl, especially after all she has been through. Hugs to both of you. I hope Alley continues in good health.
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