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My Kitten Loves Me

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Cooper has a new habit......

Every morning she will jump up on our bed and walk over to me,
come right up to my face and touch her nose to my nose.

When ever she is in a loving mood, she give me an Eskimos kisses... :lips:

What does your kitten do to show you affection??!!

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Aw thats sweet

Suki, although not a kitten jumps onto the bed and nuzzles her face into mine. She then walks over me, climbs under the blankets and sleeps until we get up.

They say that cats touch noses to show affection, you often see cats do it to each other. Tis so sweet
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Oh that is so sweet! My cat does the same thing, puts his nose to mine and to my cheek and lips. He will follow me from room to room, and if I am standing in the living room watching tv, he will get up on 2 feet and put his paws on my leg and kind of knead at me as if to say 'pick me up' and once we do that he gives us a 'kiss' and wants to be put down.
When we are asleep he will sometimes lick our face. He is just the sweetest cat around.
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If I a sitting on the couch, Fred will stand up in front of me, hook his claws into my shirt and pull me down to his face. Then he will give me wet, drooly kitty kisses. It's kinda icky, but it's so sweet!
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Aw, all the kitty loves are so sweet!!

Trent does kitty kisses. When we are loving, he will tilt his head up and hold his mouth right up to my lips. He will even close his eyes and hold it there for a little bit. I always tell him "Thank you for the Kisses" and kiss him on his head when he does that. He gives Daddy kisses too. He's such a little lover.

Ophelia really surprised me last night. She generally doesn't like to be very close to our faces, but last night when she was getting petted while we were in bed she came right up to my face and gave me a quick kitty kiss just like Trent does. It was so sweet.
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Jorin likes to lick me on the lips, chin, and nose Mike thinks its gross, but I think it's sweet.
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Ivo isn't a kisser, but she shows affection by chirping and trilling while she walks past me, hunches her shoulders, and gives me her butt. I know it's also a hint to pet her, but I like the little sounds she makes while doing it.
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