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I agree. It depends on who it is. If I want to talk to them, I'll answer, if not, I'll go back into the computer room and ignore them. I am pretty antisocial when it comes to most people so it doesn't bother me at all when I ignore either the phone or the door.
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There've been so many home-invasion incidents around here the past few years that I don't trust anybody anymore. If it looks like a legitimate delivery, though, I'll head toward the door and yell, "Jack, hold the dogs back! Someone's at the door..."

Just in case.
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I'm lucky if I answer the phone, never mind the door.

I'm really uncomfortable dealing with strangers at the door. Even when I lived with the parents I'd never answer it, even if I knew someone else was home. It's not even so much that I'm afraid of them doing something bad, I just don't like dealing with strangers, and I don't want them anywhere near my living space. Frankly, hearing a knock at the door makes me vaguely panicky.
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I never answer the door or phone unless I know who it is.

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I usually go into a different room until they have gone! My sister does the same.
My sisters and I all do that too.
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Most of the time, yes. However I always ask who it is and if it's a solicitor I just say I'm not interested.

I answer the door in my bathrobe all the time. It's clothing, so I don't see a problem, LOL
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Depends... I have a mischievous streak in me, so I tend to get all excited when solicitors visit. I have a back door and front door, so I go out the door they didn't knock on, and tell them to something of the of the effect of "hey, you know, a suspected serial killer lives in that apt." or "the last three people I've seen go in there have gone missing."

I also only answer if it's cloudy, or when it's dark out (I keep in dark in my apt, and it makes it hard for them to see my face).

Family and relatives I'll never answer to. Actually, I'll exit the apt at the first chance, take a car and zip out of there without being seen.
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Lucky for me we don't have that situation pop up much. But I know the Jehovah Witness's will probably make their rounds soon. My biggest peeve is that our house is the first on our road and people are always backing up in our driveway. Can't they read a map!!
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