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9 days old! Update

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The kittens have opened their eyes!

Also Reuben has once wandered out the crate and came over to me! I was so touched!

Isnt it cute the little waddle they do when they attempt to walk at this stage? lol

I'll post pics later. But just wanted to share the news of their eyes opening!
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awww, sounds like there doing great.
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I love this stage when they are trying to get all 4 feet going in the same direction. Usually one leg heads off on its own and the kitten ends up in a cute little lump of fuzz.
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Mine have learned how to throw tantrums lol it is adorable the way they throw themselves around,Taking there fits.

Momma cat just looks at me like "Here we go again"lol

I cant wait too see pictures!
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They sound adorable! I can't wait to see pictures
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waddling kittens are so cute & funny bless them

off to check if we have photos of the little cherubs yet
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