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How to attach a pic to your signature?

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Hi! I was wondering how some of you attach a picture to your signature? I have an adorable pic of my little prince, but I don't know how to get it to be a part of my signature....
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Hi there!! Nice to have yuo with us!! To add a pic to your signature, just go to "user cp" which is a little box on the left just under "the Cat site" title, from there click on "Edit Profile" (another little box at the top). Then just go to the bottom of the page where it sayd "signature" opposite is a box to type in what you want your signature to say, and you can also add an image by putting the [IMG] tags around the addy to your pic (assuming the pic os off the net somewhere?? ) Hope that helps, and if not,hopefully someone else can explain it better than me!! :laughing:
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Oh okay! so the picture has to be from the internet somewhere?

Can I put a picture that i have saved on my computer?

If not, I will just put this picture on the website I'm making, and then to the [img] thingy... thanks!
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PS, to find the addy of the pic if its on a page with lots of other stuff, just right click on the pic and look where it says "properties" there will be a kind of web address there, all you do is copy and paste that addy inbetween [IMG] [IMG] and it should work... hopefully!! :laughing:
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Bod - I think you had a typo - the "img" that is at the end of the image location has a back slash in it: [/img]

The pic DOES have to be from the web. And it IS best if you host the pic yourself. I just figured out how to do it, but I used photoisland to host the pic. Unfortunately, the address of the picture seems to change randomly, and yesterday there was a pic in my signature - then at some point it turned into a red X. This morning I had to go repaste the new location into my user profile.

Lorie D. was kind enough to send me a link to another thread where they're dealing with the same problem:

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:LOL: I keep trying to convince myself I know what I'm talking about... :LOL:
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Ease up on yourself there Bod! It was a typo!

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Okay, so according to all of the wonderful directions i have gotten from all of you.... there should be a picture at the bottom of this... let's see?
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There are some sites that do not allow remote viewing, Tripod and Geocities are the big ones that come to mind. I know that BuNN has figured out a way to "get around" Geocities and let us see the pic, but I'm not sure how he did it.

BuNN - if you see this...a little help, please?
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Heidi, click on the link in Laurie's post. BuNN posted at the very end of that thread and explained his method of "getting around" sites that don't allow remote viewing.
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hmmm, wonder if this works... Yay!
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