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ok , how do you stop yourself

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from getting to attached
im having such a hard time loving annes kittens , i have homes lined up for all 3 to go together (mamma and 2 kits) but my partner keeps saying he wants to keep them , im trying to be the strong one and saying NO but thats not what my heart tells me.
so tell me how do you breeders and rescuers bring yourself to finally home the kittens and let them go?
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god, i know what you mean i love my kitten so much mean im his mom i feed him burp him help him go potty cuddle take pictures.... i do everything for him, but i cant keep him! when he is 8 weeks old i have to find him a good home i live in apartments and we cant have dogs or cats and its going to be one of the hardest things im ever gonna do!i love him so muh and ive only had him for 4 days now and i can keep him for 7 more weeks, more time for me to get attached even more =( i guess its worth it tho, i hope to help and foster more pets =) it truly amkes me happy to know im saving a life =) just curious on why dont you keep one??
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Im not a breeder or rescuer...but Ive kept all but one of all the kittens Ive ever seen born. The one I gave away was to my parents, so i see him a lot! I was planning to give Olivia's kittens to family too (and possibly keep one)...but as there were just two..I fell in love and had to keep them . Thank God hubby wanted this too.

I guess its a case of being realistic and waking up from 'lovey dovey mode'...think 'can I look after these kittens? Do I have the means and time and space to do it? What about future vet bills? What about any existing cats I have?'. If the answer is no or its just not feasible for any other reason, just go with the thought that someone else can provide a better home for them. Love them all you want now while you have them , but love them even more by ensuring they are with the right owners long-term

If Olivia had more kittens, I would have been having to constantly chant that as a mantra to part with them lol
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aww it must be so difficult

but as said above, you have to put your 'practical head' on and now that you have places for them too.....

be proud that you gave them a good, healthy, loving start in life
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lol oh i know what you mean , and we dont have the means to keep them , especially with fluffy expecting now.
nearly every kittens iv seen born or rescued i have kept , we took on 2 4 week olds who hadnt beguin to ween or even poop on there own , we kept them who are now fluffy and patch.
then lilly had a litter all of whom passed away , except for 1 but died at 4 days old ( i was planning on keeping him) then she had a litter of 3 (long story) i kept 2 and my very close sister took the other i get to see him all the time.
then we found chloe and kept her, and now annes 2 , i will stand my ground with these ones though, but god its going to be hard. i will be saying the same when fluffy has her ones aswell lol.
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aww wow you do have alot of kitties, if i had it my way thats how my house would be =) but yea now i see what you mean, just be happy and no that YOU helped save those babies and there mommas life and all you other cats too, and that now they have a good future ahead of them and alot of it has to do with YOU
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I have been a failed fosterer many times, but I know realistically now we are up to our limit and can't keep anymore as much as I want to.

The other thing I try to keep in my head is there are more needy cats who will need fostering.

I still get attached and even when they find new homes the attchment is there. i have been really lucky with the new families my foster cats and kittens have gone too as they give me regular updates. Earlier this year a cat I rehomed last year was killed on the road. I cried as much as if it was one of mine.

It is very hard.
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When I breed a litter of puppies or kittens I pick which ones I like when they are born then the rest I know arent mine, I still give the same attention, care etc but in my mind I think of them as someone elses from the get go, otherwise it would be soo hard , also when Ive run puppies on for longer than eight weeks I invariably end up keeping them if they are girls, boys have to go as my stud dogs need to be happy.
Kittens stay longer they go at 14 weeks which is 6 weeks longer than puppies so attachment occurs.
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I started finding homes for mine before they are even born. I do want to keep one of Sasha's definitely but I already have homes lined up for any more that she has. One of Missy's has a definite home. But I know I'll probably end up keeping one of hers as well. Luckily my boyfriend doesn't mind. He says no more dogs, but has no problem with just one more cat!
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Follow what your heart says,It is hard,But it has to feel right!
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I realistically cannot have a happy family nor can I properly afford more. Besides that, I know Jade will go to the purr-fect home. This home you have lined up sounds wonderful. And who knows, maybe there is a kitty(or two or three?) out there who needs you more!
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I'm a bit of an odd fosterer in that I dont find it that hard to let them go - it took about a year and a half and 18 cats/kittens before I kept one - and then only cos we thought she was dying, and i took her on thinking that she had a matter of weeks but I wanted to give her a home environment - she has been here 17months next week, not sure what happened there, but certainly not complaining. The second one was simply because she had been here 8 months, hated change, very temperamental, and I lost Pebbles so had the space and the money to do it, or she would have stayed a foster. Part of what helps me is that mine aren't very tolerant of others at all (dont even like each other really), so keeping them would be hard, and it would also take away a space to foster. I do think you have to seriously think of what your limit is, and that every permanent cat takes up a space that a foster could fill, and in most cases, the permanent cat could have easily found a home, esp for kittens, and there are always needy cats that need a space till a permanent home can be found. My mindset is that I am 'Aunty' not mum, and the fact I have a 'cat room' and they aren't constantly loose in teh house helps.
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i think what is making it harder this time is , i was going to keep them all , but some changes happend in my life and now its not possible , with lillys litter i knew the boy was going from day 1 as my sister had claimed him lol , so it wasnt hard atall .
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