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GG has been sneezing......

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GG my baby, she'll be one in june, last night I heard her sneeze a big
sneeze, and only 1, and then again the same tonight! I have never heard
her do this before, but I have heard my other cats sneeze, but they would
sneeze more than once. Have any ideas what is causing it? and why did
it just come out of nowhere? Thanks for any advice!!

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Cats sneeze just like people do when there is any kind of inhaled irritant, or allergy. More than likely it's nothing to worry about unless the sneezing continues, and she stops eating or becomes lethargic.

Sneezing is a common symptom of an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) but there would also be symptoms of watery eyes, runny nose, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

As long as she's fine otherwise, don't worry about the occasional sneeze.......just keep an eye open for any other clues that she might need to go to the vet.
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First of all, thanks for the reply, and I will keep my eye on her,she also huffs
after drinking water, almost like she is wanting to throw up, but nothing
ever comes up, I have given her hairball meds. but... it hasn't stopped,
she does have a clear drip that comes out of her nose, but only when she
is ready to sleep, that is the only time I notice it, and I have another cat
that does the very same things! I rescued one of them from the carwash
in town (actually 4 of them) but Love is the one I'm referring to! He was checked out by a vet. he thought he had that really bad disease, I don't
remember the name of it, it is contagious, even kept him in a totally
different area than the other animals at the clinic, he ran the tests and
said Love didn't have it, then he proceeded to fix him so I could take him home, that was 3 yrs. ago. Anyway back to GG, she was just thrown out
at my house when she really wasn't even old enough to be away from her mom! she was so tiny, when she got old enough I brought her in to have her
shots and get spay, ever since the shots I have noticed the drip and the
huffing after she drinks.
Here's the thing, yesterday I went to my vets office to buy some food, and at random I just mentioned it to him.....( the huffing thing) and you know
what he said... (I have to wonder sometimes) "Oh, I have a cat that does
the same thing, it's nothing, it's like they might have something caught in them" I couldn't believe that, he was so nonchaulant about it, and basically
blew it off, and continued talking about the food recall. I would have at
least thought he would have said, "bring her in and I'll check her out, sounds
like it might be upper respirtory. and you need to have it checked"
That is two vets, in my town that have blown their kind of condititon off, in other words! What is up with that? What can they do for upper respirtory? Can my cats die from it?
I'm scared and I guess I need to bring them somewhere else? That really
bothers me, how disinterested the vet was yesterday!
Not to change the subject but I have to say you have the most beautiful cats Angie8, OMG!!!! Every one of them! are any related to each other?
and how did you end up with 8! They look so healthy and so cute!
I know they are your babies! I have got to go now...
thanks again angie!
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