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Still at work, and grumpy

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It's 10 PM, everyone is in the review room watching the Big Lebowski but I'm still stuck in here lighting shots which ISN'T EVEN MY JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE ;_; Man, I hate lighting!!!! I could go on and on forever about how switching me to lighting for the past 2 weeks is the dumbest decision ever. In fact, I probably will (later) just because it has me so mad and I like to ramble a lot :x

But anyway... anyone here have some steam to let off of some crazy work stuffs?
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Originally Posted by extinctosaurus View Post
lighting shots
ummm, what is "lighting shots"?

I had a yucky day, too. There is one woman who sits near me who is SO mad she was passed over for a promotion. She is still new, not even 90 days under her belt and she is still mad. What a dork. Anyway, working next to her cranky butt makes for an interesting day I keep showing her cute kitten pics so she has to smile which makes her even more cranky.
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I work at a small 3d animation studio as a texture artist and background painter, NOTHING at all to do with lighting. (I don't know how much you know about 3d stuff but lighting is just like the digital version of putting lights on a movie set, I guess. Except with some extra crap involved ). It was a dumb decision because I don't know anything about lighting, I just paint stuff aaah! And also because their reasoning was stupid... The lighting department has been finishing all their shots for the week but the computers that are rendering them have been finishing really fast so the comps are just kind of sitting idle right now. And the bosses didn't like that. So basically they wanted the lighting people to be able to keep up with the machines (stupid) and to help out they switched me out of texturing and put me on lighting ;_; And there's some other crap going on too like mandatory 12 hour work days for us now with no compensation. MAN!!!

Okay sorry I promised I was going to try REALLY HARD not to ramble about it and then I went and did it anyway ^^;;

Aww it is sweet that you showed her cute kitten pics even though it was making her mad, hahahaa. I sent some cute kitten pictures to the coworkers when I was feeling really frustrated I have some saved still hehehe. And a picture of a harp seal for the desktop image (my favorite animals!!)
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