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Update on 2 lb 8-9 year old!!

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All her tests came back normal! They are going to retest her in 2 weeks for just the hyperthyroidism. The vet was already calling other places for treatment for her bc they were so convinced that is what it was... but nope. I think she is having seizures or something, (sorry im bad with spelling). her head does a bob type of thing, very weird. I thought she was going to pass away today. she was doing the bob head thing quite a bit and she was acting weird, been throwing up today. i gave her a bath cause she had some stuff on her, dunno how it happened and then i put her in the bedroom alone with the heater on and by the time i let her out she was acting more normal. i think she was just over tired or over stressed or something, just needed a little break by herself. i have no idea what is wrong. any ideas anyone has please pass em to me! i do not have a computer atm so i am unable to get online as often as i was but i will update everyone. Thank you so much to everyone that has helped me out so far! It means a lot to me and Bobbie.
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Is she being assist-fed? If not, I would start doing that. What was the T4 value? Did they do a free T4 test? If not, I would definitely suggest that the do that as well next time.
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All the vet told me was they were going to do a full screen on her and all the tests came back normal except the test for stress or whatnot but they had to hold her down a lot to get her blood (of course) so they were not surprised about that. I have no idea what the T4 test or value is! She is doin better about not freaking out all the time. I got her some kitten formula mix and she likes that pretty well, before that she was getting canned cat food every day. she is doin really well now a days, getting up more often and stretching out and all that good stuff. she is sleeping with her eyes closed more often. i will be taking her in soon to get retested for hyperthyroidism. her throwing up only lasted that one day too (sorry so much details). thought id keep everyone updated! thanks everyone!
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Thanks for the update. The test for hyperthyroidism measures T4, a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Most hyperthyroid cats have T4 levels that are above a certain level (the actual level depends on the lab doing the test). Senior cats are considered hyperthyroid at lower levels than younger cats. For example, if the range is 0.8 to 4.0, a senior is usually considered hyperthyroid if their T4 level is over 2.5. A younger cat would have to be above 4.0.

In addition to T4, free T4 (the amount of the hormone that isn't attached to any other molecules) can be used to figure out if a cat is hyperthyroid, especially if they are right near the border of normal. When you have her tested again, I would ask them about doing a free T4 test as well as a regular T4 test. I would also suggest that you get copies of her blood work for your own records.
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Wonderful that she is doing better! Good job
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