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cat who was nursing, now spayed, kittens gone...

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Her kittens left slowly and they all finished nursing gradually. She was spayed a week ago. Everything was wonderful until just this evening. I thought her milk was drying up, I feel her belly and check the spay incision site all the time. But just this evening, her belly is kind of lumpy around her nipples. I am assuming there is still some milk that hasn't dried up yet and so I put a warm washcloth on it for about 2 minutes.

Is this what I should be doing? How often? When does this become a serious matter that I should be concerned about? Should I be concerned now?
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Mastitis occurs when the lactating cats mammary glands becomes inflamed, blocked or infected. Mastitis can affect a single gland or multiple glands. It is a medical emergency & requires immediate veterinary attention. Pain, heat & swelling of the affected gland are all symptoms of mastitis. Application of a warm compress several times a day to assist with milk drainage will help relieve pain. Manually expressing of the affected mammary glands to remove infected milk will also help. Also antibiotics will need to be prescribed to keep the infection from spreading or getting worse.
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i think the time when you should be worried is when it seems to hurt when you touch it , very hard , or very hot to the touch. i dont know much about mastitis only what iv read and from posters on here. it could be a bit more milk maybe , but if your worried might be an idea to get her checked , if it is the starting of mastitis you would have got it early before the infection has time to spread or become infected.
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How do you know if it is the gland that is swollen or if there is just milk in there that is just sitting bc no one is nursing from her?
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the only way you can tell if when you touch it she seems to have discomfort , or hot to the touch , or very hard , not soft like normal when they have milk.
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It is soft, sort of like fatty almost to the touch. And she doesn't care if I touch them or gently squeeze or push on the area at all. I called the vet and she said don't put hot compresses on it now because that will just incourage the milk flow. Even her licking it will cause milk to continue. Just keep an eye on it and let it go a few days and if it isn't clearing up then bring her in.
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the good thing is its soft , so it sounds like there is no infection , let us know how things go .
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