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Hey -- I'm a kitten!

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I just thought I would check in as a new kitten. I've already posted on behvior forum, but wanted to say hi! I am mom to Eddie, a 1 yr old orange and white short hair since Feb and just adopted a 3 year Siamese named Coco. Great to find some other cat lovers to chat.

~ Auburn
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Welcome Auburn! I'm glad you found us here, and I hope you have gotten some good help with your behaviour issue.

Join us in the Lounge for some interesting coversations, and lots of cute kitty pics. We would love to see pics of Eddie and Coco if you have some you can post.

I look forward to getting to know you, Eddie and Coco!
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Hi there, Welcome to the site!!
As Heidi says, we alwasy love kitty pics, so if you have any, get on and post them in the lounge!!
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Hi there Auburn, great to have you here.

Jump on in and chat - oh yes, and pictures . . . hows about some then?
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Hi! Jump on in and start postin! Hope you get the help you need - there's lots of people here for you!!!!

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G'day and welcome
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here's my big ol' sweetie...
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Aw, Ed's gorgeous. I just love little white kitty feets!
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Ed is just gorgeous!!! He looks like a nice armfull!!
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...they always look like they'll make such great pillows... unfortunately, they always seem to have other plans!

Scritches for your beautiful kitty from me!

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It's cool your here. Ready to chat anytime!

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Aw, Ed is just lovely. He's got such a sweet little face . . .
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Awwwww-I want to hug Ed. He just looks sooooo huggable! Welcome!

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I'm a kitten too...Here's Max, he's not well. He's a coughing cat. May have asthma. We are in the midst of trying to get to the bottom of it all. But he's still as lovely as ever!

We have another visit to the Vets (his personal hell) Monday! He doesn't know yet...
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Aww Narciss, Max is gorgeous!!! Sorry to hear he's not well at the mo, hopefully the vet will be able to sort it ouit soon for you... and hopefully Max will cooperate!!
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