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Wednesday's DT

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Good day everyone! Happy hump day. I will have a busy day at work today so I may only be able to pop in 2 or 3 times to catch up. I hate days like that! I don't want to miss anything. My sister is coming to town today with my niece - I haven't seen my niece for about 3 wks. She changes so much every time I see her. She is almost 6 months old. She is a cutie pie.

Here is a link to my BIL and sister's web site and pictures of Isabella. She is so cute!

I go to this site to get my up dates.

Gweeky was in a very affectionate mood this morning before I left for work. He normally does ask for snuggles this morning he was begging. He kept trying to get the other cats to groom him. Any where they would walk he would cut them off and stick his head under their face. they wanted nothing to do with him! He tried 3 out of the other 4 cats (1 was sleeping). I didn't want to go to work - I wanted to snuggle.

How is everyone else today.
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Wow! It's Wednesday already! This week just seems to be flying by.

Just a bunch more of the same old, same old around here. Work and studying, cleaning and maybe some sleep! Spawn kept us up all night wanting to play. Of course, now she's comfortably relaxing on my lap, exhausted.

ady - I'm sure you'll have a great time seeing your sister and niece today!

I hope everyone has a good day!
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Hey Jin!

So good to 'see' you

Finally got back the pics from my trip, I'll have to send you the one of us. Proof that we met!

How many piggies do you have right now? Have you had any more luck in adopting them out?

miss you!
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Hey Colby!!!

Actually, you already sent the pic of us! You look wonderful, I look awful! I am such an awful person - I never emailed you or called to let you know I got it! Shame, shame, shame on me!!!

Hmmm... funny you should ask about the piggies... I just realized I've 'adopted' another one. No, no new ones came through, but one of the fosters is now no longer a foster! She gets along so well with my little blind guinea pig that I just can't break them up. So I guess she's staying! So. That makes 6 guinea pigs of my own, and 2 fosters looking for homes! Anyone want a pig????

I really must send you at LEAST an email... I've got some exciting news!
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I wish I could get my internal clock to work right! Yesterday went by so fast I missed half the day, and today I KNOW it should be late in the afternoon instead of just 11:30. And I swear it should be at least Thursday. LOL

Ady, Isabella is really cute! I'm sure you will have a great time with them.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, though. The new mall is opening on Thursday, and since I have a half day on Friday we're going to go check it out. Then I'm taking Monday off because it is our anniversary - 2 whole years. Don't know what we're going to do, but it will be nice to take the day off anyway.

Have a great day everyone!
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I just found out I am in charge at work tomorrow! Oh my! I must work hard so I may not check in here tomorrow, if I do it will only be for a few minutes. I have Friday off this week so I hope to go see the new Harry Potter. I can't wait!

Thanks Heidi- I think she is cute to, but I am biased!
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Just goofing off, today. Hit the library and dropped film off, to be developed. Will have new pix to post, soon.

We have our outside Christmas lights hung. Turned them on , last night, to see how they look. I'm not quite finished. I have one swag to hang on the picture window. We'll put the tree up, when we get back from Vegas.

I bought two cute kitty ornaments, yesterday: a gray-and-white longhair and a white Persian. They're heavy ceramic so Rowdy shouldn't damage them.

Happy hump day!
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Cindy, are you putting Ike, Rowdy and and Opie into cattery/kennels or is someone going to come in and feed/look after them while you and Bill are away on holiday?
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Cindy, you HOPE those ceramic ornaments are strong enough! LOL Have fun in Las Vegas. Please tell me you're not ready for Christmas, people! I have one gift bought.... Adrienne, Isabella is a beautiful name (It means beautiful Isa, doesn't it?) for a beautiful baby. I have a cousin in Scotland named Isabelle, but the name isn't common. Lovely, though.

Some of you are so lucky to have met each other. I live close to Billchamb, but have never met him. And I fear the rest of you are too far away. Well Laurie and Christy are in neighboring states, so who knows? I'll bet it was fun!

Tonight, I hope to watch the Amazing Race.

Oh, I have to brag a bit. Well, a lot! My son walked in a Subway store in Pittsburgh on a delivery and found the safe and the cash register open. He searched until he found the terrified manager stuffed inside a meat cooler. The man was terrified to see the door open, and then realized he'd been rescued. The poor man was in shock. My son called 911 of course, and spoke with the police, because the man could not talk. He had a gun at his head only 40 minutes earlier, and was expecting to die!

The robbery and rescue was the lead story in the Pittsburgh ABC TV affilate and also featured in the PGH. Tribune Review Newspaper. I was so proud of the way he handled himself in the situation and on the tv interview. He didn't even stutter and his English was quite good. (Of course, he grew up thinking that "ain't" was a bad word! Poor kids!) That's my boy! Do I sound just a bit prejudiced? Well..maybe you're right. Thank God he and the manager of Subway are alive and well.
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Well my day is almost over as its just past 9pm here. Joshua is sick and has been throwing up for the last 3 days. Poor baby, but he will be fine, he is much better today already.

WOW Jeanie, your son is a true hero.

Hope you all have a wonderfull day.
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Kudos, to your son, Jeanie. Thank goodness, he didn't walk in, during the holdup.

A girl, from work, is going to come in, daily and feed thecats, scoop the litter boxes and bring in the mail and newspapers. We were going to board Ike but, Katey offered to babysit. Ike will get to spend that week with his brothers and sisters and "Grandma" Katey. Katey has ten acres and that will be better than putting him in a kennel. He's used to having room to run. (We have a big, fenced yard).
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I too like the name Isabelle - isn't it the Scottish version of Elizabeth? I could just be making that up, of course.

Woo! Jeanie, big pat on the back for your son!

I'm a bit miffed tonight. I do some voluntary work, every other Saturday, with this Saturday being my day "on", but I've arranged to go out disco dancing in Manchester on Friday night (won't get home until the wee hours - and you need full concentration for the voluntary work). So, two weeks ago I arranged for someone to cover my shift - tonight they call to tell me they can't do it (not their fault). I've tried 8 other people to try to get this Saturday off and no-one can, and I feel like crying - with frustration. I know I'm meant to be committed to the voluntary organisation, but I just want to go out and pretend to be young again. I sound like a spoilt teenager.. I don't want to go to do my "duty" feeling like death warmed up. And I really really want to go out with my partner and my friends and whoop it up. Sorry for my rant - I'm just feeling sorry for myself, and can't see what else I can do. I am going out on Friday (nothing will stop me) and I'll just have to feel like rubbish on the Saturday. Oh but it is that awful feeling of not giving my all to the voluntary organisation, which was my decision to join.

Hope everyone else is having a good Wednesday.
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well, it's wednesday. Went to the gym, now I have to find something for lunch. Not easy, with this diet. To make things worse, Mike isn't doing the diet with me, and so he eats whatever I've had to give up all my favorite foods, and get almost nothing to eat except vegetables. So I'm not in a very good mood today. I really don't want to go grocery shopping, and the cats are driving me nuts because they're out of food.(its MY fault they turned their nose up at the canned food, I guess)
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flimflam, We all deserve to have some fun on occasion. You have the right to feel bad. Even if it's not your colleague's fault, you can't help but feel disappointed! I'm so sorry your plans were spoiled.
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Work, work, work, work!

I don't even remember what it is like to take a lunch break anymore. I have been SO busy for months now, it is driving me crazy!!

And I have to review some process documentation for a meeting tomorrow morning with my supervisor, and had NO time to do it at work, so now I have FREAKING homework!

I am so tired of working 55-60 hours a week...especially when I am salaried and only get paid for 40 hours...no matter what!

I know if I say something to my boss she will give me a 1/2 day off or something, but I can't afford to not be there or it will be worse when I get back!

I try not to let it bother me because I have a really good paying job and they are SO hard to come by these days...but damn! 60 hours???

Ok...I guess I have complained enough.

24 was great last night and I just want to go to bed tonight!

Hope everyone has a pleasant Wednesday evening and a great Thursday!
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