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Is this cute, or what?

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Makes my heart pittet patter!! I just love it that Taffy has taken to Alfie this way. He absolutely hated Alfie for the first few days, but ya cant tell it now!!

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That is very definitely CUTE!
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Awwwwww that is so adorable!!! I love when resident kitties take over the "mothering" role of new kittens
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YES it is cute! How loving and adorable and sweet.
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Awwww! That is just too cute!
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AWWWW sooo cute!
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Oh how cute!!! He's hugging her!
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hehe yep, that works
you know, one second heyu will groom eazy, then the next she will hiss and smack him,

maybe i need happy pills for heyu lol
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awe this is soooo CUTE, where is the cuteness warning at ???? They are both such cuties

Ok its like a cuteness warning the title
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oh my ! yep, that certainly gets the heart a bump, bump, bumping :heart2
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So cute, Blossom needs something else to lick other than us.
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That is so precious
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aww... too cute!!
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