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Ok I am bottle feeding 4 babies. They are abotu four weeks old and are doing great. However when i got them i noticed that the hair on their tails was not much, and it was pushed down so you could only see the tail bone. You had to look really closely at the tail to see the hair.

Todai noticed there is more hair then there was before, but I also noticed that some places there was no hair. And i also noticed flaking.

I thought ringworm, but why would it have gotten better by itself? Could it be something else?

I have taken them all to the vet today and the vet did a culture we are awaiting the results. She also put them on some anti fungal cream just in case.

Are kittens normally born with less hair on their tails? What do you all think? Any suggestions?? Could it also be just plain dry skin?

Your Ideas???
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The only thing i can say for sure is that kittens are born fully furry.. I'm sorry i cant help out with anything else.
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You should speak to Mom 2-3....her kittens are going through a similar thing.

It could very well be ringworm (flakiness and patches of no hair). I hope not...fingers crossed that the test results come out ok. But if it is, its treatable.

Do you know of mum cat has ringworm?
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