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Advice on very thin cat needed

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I walked to my local shop this lunchtime, and as accosted by one of the local drunks on the way back mumbling something about, have a look at the scared cat, see if you can talk to it.

Well, I stopped by this cat, crouched down and it came to me. It was a tiny tortoiseshell which I'm sure I've vaguely seen around in the past, but not in a state such as this.

It's eyes were sunk right into it's face - not gummy or icky or anything, just sunken. I picked it up and I tell you, there was no weight to it at all it was just bones and more bones. It was shaking and kind of wobbling around when it walked. I'd just bought Ferdy a couple of sachets of his wet food, so I emptied one on the pavement for this cat. I've never seen food disappear so quickly.

The cat was friendly, alert and not scared of being picked up (albeit a bit smelly).

Question is, what to do? I can't leave it now I've seen it, it's worrying the pants off me quite frankly. Nobody could own a cat and let it get to such a state. If they do, what shall I do about it? Should I knock on doors along the road and ask? What if somebody says, Yes, it's my cat. Then should I challenge them about not caring for it properly? Are there any other reasons why a cat should be so thin?

I'd love to bring it home, but I don't want to steal someone's cat and I think Ken'll do his nut if I bring a stray home - never mind upsetting my own feline residents.

Shall I call the RSPCA? I've tried calling colleagues at Cats Protection but can't get hold of anyone.

Can any one help with suggestions please?
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Yola, I don't know what the RSPCA would do if the owner did not claim the cat. I assume they would press charges if the owner did show up, at least, and the cat would be euthanized after a short stay. Kittens are more likely to find homes. Obviously, the owner is not caring for the cat.

Do you have no kill shelters? Could you foster the cat for just a little while? I'd be so tempted to take it home and feed it, call the RSPCA, and ask their policy, and try to find an agency that would help with vet care. I know you don't want to risk the health of your other cats, however, until a vet would see it. Could you provide a warm shelter in a garage for its recovery time? Please let us know what you decide. I hope we get some more suggestions, especially from our UK members. Meanwhile, I will search the web for no-kill shelters in the UK.
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Yola, Here's a page of no kill shelters in England. I was not able to find a comprehensive list by county or city. However, there are many pages, so I'm sure you'll find something. I specifically asked for Berkshire.

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Yola, bless you for giving this poor little cat some much need food!!
Personally I would try to call the RSPCA, and see what they suggest, if however you can't get in touch with them, maybe take the cat to the RSPCA as there is always usually someone there.
Alternatively you could take the kitty home with you and make up some FOUND posters to put up over the next few days, but it really depends how you would feel about giving this cat back to its "owner" if it has one. I know the RSPCA have a 7-14 day claim period, and if no-one claims it in that time it is put up for adoption as long as it is healthy enough.

The only other thing I can think of, its taking it to a PDSA if you have one nearby, they help out alot.

Or you could take it to a local vets surgery and ask them for advice??

All the best to you and this little kitty!! Let us know what you decide to do
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Personally, I would take kitty home and keep her separate from your house cats. Then you can at least make sure she has food and water, and make all the proper calls for help.

Thank you for caring Yola. I don't know if he meant to find someone to help the poor cat, but I'm glad the drunk did make it known to you.
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Yola, any updates?? Hows the kitty??
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I saw in today's DT in the Lounge that she's still looking for the kitty again.

What an angel, Yola! Poor kitty! I've got him/her in my prayers - I hope she finds you!!!!

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Yola, bless you for trying to do the right thing for this cat.

I really hope you find her again soon, please give us an update

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Yola, I pray that you will find this poor baby. You were a ray of sunshine in her life. You chose to pick her up, dirty and bedraggled. You chose to feed her, thin and starving. If you can find her again you will probably save her life. If not, you have given her more joy in one day than she has known for a long, long time. God bless you for that! Please keep us informed.
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