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Canine Caviar Recall

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This is a freeking nightmare. I hope the board is keeping up, I know that Lick Your Chops dry food (one variety) is recalled, Harmony Farms,
and now Canine Caviar - two sizes of their canned beaver and one of their turkey.

Here is the link:

The list is growing rapidly as it turns out that a canning company (American Nutrition Inc.) was doing more than canning...they were adding rice protein concentrate that the companies did NOT request be in their foods.
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OHHH my ... is all I can say .... and I think Kandie has had her last can ... I will fight UTIs over this
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It's getting harder and harder to feel secure about anything.
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* Mulligan Stew Chicken 13.2oz
* Mulligan Stew Turkey 13.2oz
* Canine Caviar Gourmet Beaver 13.2oz
* Canine Caviar Gourmet Turkey 13.2oz
* All Harmony Farms canned dog foods
* All Harmony Farms canned cat foods
* All Harmony Farms Health Bar biscuits

Harmony Farms has this little piece on their website:
"We regret to inform you that Sierra Pet Products has announced a voluntary recall of its Harmony Farms canned foods and dog biscuits due to product tampering.

Sierra Pet Products was made aware of the product tampering when American Nutrition, Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of all Harmony Farms cans and biscuits, informed the Company that they had been adding rice protein concentrate to Harmony Farms canned dog and cat foods without the Company’s approval.

It appears that ANI had been adding the unauthorized rice protein concentrate to Harmony Farms products for some time and only told the Company when the FDA was about to conclude that some of ANI’s rice protein concentrate (Supplied by Wilber-Ellis) was contaminated with Melamine."
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