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A new momma cat is sick. I need help.

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I just joined in hope that someone might have some in site or be able to give me suggestions.
I have a roughly 18 month old rescue cat named chilli. She had kittens 6 weeks ago. For the first 3 weeks after popping them out she was eating like it was the first time in months. But that tapered off quickly. She has been to the vet 4 times in almost 4 weeks. They didn't give much insite until last week they did a blood test and said she has an elevated white blood count, i.e. infection. So the first antibiotic was a pill and made her foam at the mouth like crazy. So we discontinued that and started a pink liquid soon after that she stopped eating all together. One day we missed her meds and that day she started eating again so the vet agreed to stop the meds because its more important for her to eat. Well that lasted two days, now shes back to only eating a little. She walks around crying but won't eat. She is still trying to nurse her kittens but we have them all eating kitten food. If anyone has some advice on how to get a picky cat to eat or something to try feeding her that is nutritious and fattening. Oh yea she is skin and bones. She was never heavy but now she is too skinny.
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I will see if the MoDS will move this to the preg. cat and kitten forum where the real expert s are

Any bitter will make a cat foam at the mouth

Do you know how to assist feed a cat??? Do you have any KMR or milk replacer???
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While she was pregnant and nursing we fed her the kmr 1 & 2. But she stopped eating that too. I just read that if I put a wet paper towel on some dry food and microwave it for a few seconds that she might like that.
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hi and welcome to tcs , i dont normally look in this part of the fourm as i dont normally have much advise im normally in the pregnant cat fourm, the foaming of the mouth could be that she wouldnt swollow the tablet which would look like she was foaming ( i had a cat who me nor the vet could get tablets into)
its a good idea to not let the kittens nurse as shes so unwell and not eating enough to keep her self right let alone a bunch of kittens.
foods you can try are tuna
boiled chicken
baby food anything with meat but nothing with veg or onions in it. warm this up slighty the smell should get her eating .
is she drinking fine? if not then she really needs to go back to the vets as she can dehydrate quickly and may need some fluids , they can also give you some fluids to make up at home and you can sryinge it in to her mouth ( you can do this with water now if she isnt drinking enough untill you can get her to a vets.
i would phone a vet again and tell them what has happend , does any of her teats feel hard ? or hot?? you have to be carfull of mastitis.
please do keep us updated and i hope she gets better real soon.
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have you tried wet food with tuna water ???
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i forgot to add , with the kmr if you want to contuine to try this you can use the same method as for the water , this way she will still be getting some sort of nutricion ( cant spell it sorry) and also with the dry food as you suggested it wont hurt to try it.
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She is drinking pleanty, actually more than usual, and on her last vet visit the one thing he did say was that she was no dehydrated.

I'm pretty sure the foaming at the mouth was because of the bitter taste of the pill. It was Flagyl and i am told by my vet that it is pretty common for cats to have that happen. She was on the Flagyl because her bowels were "ropy" and her feces were soft. (i think thats because she was mainly eating the KMR)

The kittens are doing great and RARELY eat from momma now. BUT momma cat still walks around and paces and cries for her kittens to come eat. I know for a fact that is what she is doing because she doesn't stop until one kitten comes to eat.

Is it possible that she has some kind of infection in her nipples/teates that will make it painful if she doesnt get all the milk out when they are full? There is no hardness or heat coming from the nipples.

Also, i noticed after coming home from work today, that her nose was REALLY pale pink which is not normal, is that a usual indicator of something??

I'm sorry this is so long, but we REALLY need some answers, i am so worried for her.
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im so sorry i cant be of much more help , i can only suggest yet another vet vist.
i really do hope her health gets better very soon , let us know what you decide to do.
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Well, we will be seeing the vet tomorrow, i hope SOMEONE there can give us answers.
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aw , please update us when you get back. i do hope everything is ok though .
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well, if anyone has any more input on these questions it would be MUCH MUCH appreciated.
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have you tried the human baby food ?? this does work well.
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Just read this thread...did the vet give her an antibotic injection too?

Its hard for me to recommend anything as I think its only the that can know what is right or wrong in terms of Chilli's health (sorry I cant be of more help) but the point you mentioned about her nipples is a concern, I think
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HI, im very sorry to hear about your cat =( but i know when my moms cat got an infection and he got really sick the vey put him on some meds, and he too quit eating! but then she bought him wet canned cat food, he ate it up like crazy =) now that he is all better thats all he'll eat tho. But hang in there and hopefully your cat will get better, and please do let us all KNOW what goes on towmorrow at the vet.
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