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Maui is expecting

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Well the lovely girls in my class at school knew I wouldn't say no to a pregnant kitty who was going to be put down! My class goes to the pound every Monday and Tuesday and on Tuesday, a woman was there with this very pregnant cat. She said she has property with a barn and people constantly dump their cats off. She doesn't know what to do, can't afford to have them all fixed and didn't want more babies so poor Maui was going to be killed.

Anyways, I wasn't there that day and my classmates grabbed her and called me to come pick her up (thanks guys!)

But anyways, she is about to pop, this weekend I would think. Her temp is still normal though so we'll see, I am ready for it to drop and her to drop the babies! I named her Maui cuz I thought it was a cute name.

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Aww, she is precious! How is she adapting to her new surroundings? I imagine it may be a lot to handle with being as big as she is. You are wonderful to take her in!
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They picked up a kitty for you? How sweet!

Maui, darlin', you have no idea just how lucky you are!
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She is wonderful! She adapted just fine. my teacher wanted her to be a class project and I took her to class with me a few times. She really seemed to love it there and loved all the extra attention and belly rubs. But I think she will have them this weekend and at that tie I will not be taking them all back and forth. I don't want to stress them out too much. I am glad she has today, tomorrow and Sunday to be here and hopefully have them!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
They picked up a kitty for you? How sweet!
Ya, wasn't that just so THOUGHTFUL of them?
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aw bless her , she is such a pretty girl. your friends just new if you had been there you would have taken her anyway lol. good luck i hope she has a safe delivery.
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Maui sure is gorgeous and what a cute name! You and you're classmates are doing great things ... Good luck and lots of vibes for lovely Maui!!!
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Thank you for saving her! I just added her to our Kitten Watch Thread... keep us updated!
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she's beautiful, thank you for taking her in, and don't forget to post pictures.
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Ah Maui..beautiful cat , beautiful name!

Good luck with her pregnancy!
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