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Still sending vibes and Prayers that Sam finds his forever home very soon.
He sounds like such a sweet boy.
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Thanks, guys. Sam really is a sweetheart and I'm praying that he finds a real home. The group that's taking him has a great success rate placing adult cats, even special needs. In the meantime, I'm thrilled that he's going to a foster home instead of a shelter. He'll be with two other FIV+ cats, which Sam will love. He's a playful guy and loves other kitties. At the rescue's request, I'm taking Sam to their vet after work today, so he may be going to his new foster home from there. If not, he'll come home with me until they're ready for him.

Thanks again!
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Oh I hope he goes to his new foster home today, for your comforter's sake!
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I hope that sweet Sam finds his new home quickly. It is so obvious, as I have read this thread, what a special boy he is and has also become special to you. So, sending love and prayers to Sam from New Hampshire!
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What a gorgeous sweet looking boy! I do hope he finds his furever home soon where he can share his love!
Thank you for taking care of him.

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Hey guys, just wanted to update you on Sam. He's on his way to his new foster home. I met his foster mom at the vet on my lunch hour and had the chance to chat with her a bit. She seems like an awesome lady. She also fosters FeLV+ cats, apart from the FIV+. How cool is that? Anyway, I was very impressed with the way she interacted with Sam and she invited me to come visit him anytime which, as you guys know, I'll definitely do.

Thanks to everyone for the vibes and prayers for sweet Sam. I'm going to miss him so much, but this is for the best. He'll have a much better chance at finding a forever home and, in the meantine, will get plenty of love and care.
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Plan on finding Katie another kitty or two when you go visit Sam?
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That's wonderful news, Eileen.
I'm so happy for Sam and happy that you'll still get to visit him.
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Just an update on Sam. I just spoke to his new mom and he's doing well after a week in his new home. She said he seemed depressed the first couple of days and cried a lot, which makes me so guilty. He's doing much better now, though. She said he's very sweet and affectionate with her and loves to play. She's still working on introductions with his new brother, Jack, who's also FIV+, but said there's been no aggresion and the boys seem very curious about each other.

Here's the best part: although Sam is considered to be a permanent foster and is technically up for adoption through the rescue, his mom says that as far as she's concerned, this is Sam's home for life. How great is that? My sweet Sammy has a real home! Brings tears to my eyes.

I'll probably go visit Sam in a couple of weeks after he's had a little more time to settle in.

Thanks, guys. Your vibes and prayers resulted in a happy ending for another special kitty.
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That is wonderful news Eileen
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That's great news, Eileen.
I'm so happy for Sam and bless you for all you do for these cats.
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That is wonderful news, Sam is a very lucky boy!!
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Aw, Sam missed you, how sweet is that So glad he's settled in nicely though, I'm sure his new bro and him will have a blast playing together!!
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