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Vibes/prayers for sweet Sam

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Hey guys, I need to request some vibes/prayers for another kitty. Sam (tabby w/white) is a sweet, sweet boy that showed up at the site where I've been doing TNR. He wasn't fixed, so I took care of that earlier this week. I was originally planning to return him to the site, until I realized how sweet he was. Then a prospective home came along.

Unfortunately, Sam has tested postive for FIV and the woman doesn't want to adopt him now out of concern of putting her other cat at risk So, I'm scrambling to find a place for Sam and have emails/phone calls into some of my local cat contacts. Sam also has a broken tooth, which has become infected, so I'll need to get that taken care of ASAP.

Sam is so incredibly sweet, he purrs like crazy when he sees me and loves to be cradled like a baby. It just breaks my heart that he's had it so rough. Please send some vibes/prayers that I can find a place for Sam.

Thanks, guys.
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{{{vibes}}} for Sam! Please keep us updated!

And thank-you for taking him in!!!
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lots of vibes for you and Sam that a suitable home can be found for him {{{{{}}}}}}}
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Prayers and vibes to Sam, I hope you find a home a home soon!!
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Thanks, guys.

Here's a pic of sweet Sam so you can see you you're sending vibes/praying for. It's not the best, but you get the idea:

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What a sweet boy, just look at that dear little face.

Well Eileen, all the vibes and Prayers from everyone worked for Little Lucy, so I'm sure they'll work for sweet Sam too.
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Such a sweet face. What a lovely boy. I hope you don't have too much trouble finding him a furrever home, Eileen. Sending vibes and prayers.
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Lots of vibes for sweet Sam to find the purrfect forever home! What an angelic face he has!
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Awww, thanks guys, from Sam and me.

I've moved Sam from his kennel in the garage (where I generally house feral TNR kitties) up to my spare bedroom/foster room, so he'll be more comfortable. Also, I want to be able to keep a closer eye on him. His tooth has me worried and I'm waiting to hear back from the rescue on when we can get him back to the vet.

Since Lucy won't be going to her new home until Tues. this is going to make for some interesting kitty dynamics over the next few days. My crew has been introduced to Lucy and accepted her, but she tends to be a little too playful for my older girls, so I've been putting in her in the spare room at night and when I'm gone to give them a break. For the next few days, she'll need to be in my bedroom.

Anyway, please keep the vibes and prayers coming for Sam. I'm waiting on word from a couple of rescues who take in FIV kitties as space allows.
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Awww look at that sweet face...many vibes for him
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Aww Poor Sam...I am sending many prayers that he can find a home
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Thanks for the vibes and prayers for Sam, everybody. He really is one of the sweetest kitties I've ever met. He's sitting in the window right now just watching the world go by and seems happy to be inside where it's safe and he has plenty to eat. He LOVES to eat.

Got one piece of good news from the rescue this morning. They've agreed to pay for his dental work, so I'll get that set up first thing Monday morning. I probably won't hear anything about one of the other rescues taking him until then anyway.

For now he's fine where he is and I'm happy to have him. What a sweetie!
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Just a quick update on my sweet Sammy man. Since it's not a true emergency and Sam is eating fine, we've scheduled Sam's dental work for next Wed. Meanwhile, I'm still pursuing a couple of leads on placing him with a rescue. Please keep the vibes coming for this big, sweet boy. Thanks!
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The vibes are still heading his way, Eileen.

I didn't that was you at first...I love the new username.
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{{{{{VIBES}}}}} for Sam!
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Sam went to the vet for his dental work today. Fortunately he only needed the one broken tooth extracted and a dental cleaning. He's home now, ate a little and is resting.

I'm a little surprised, though, because I was looking over the paperwork from this vet and Sam's age is listed as 8-years-old. The other vet that examined him just over a week okay, put his age at 1 1/2 - 2 years. That's big difference. The vet's office is closed for the day, so I'll call in the morning to clarify this.

Honestly, it does concern me because as hard as it is to place a FIV+ cat it will be even more difficult if he's that old. I personally wouldn't hesitate to adopt an 8-year-old cat (or older) or one with FIV, but a lot of people would.

I also find it hard to believe that a cat that age, who wasn't neutered until two weeks ago, wouldn't have issues with spraying. Sam doesn't. He's been totally fine using the litterbox.

Anyway, Sam will be with me at least a couple more weeks since he's on antibiotics and a soft-food only diet. Meanwhile, please keep those vibes/prayers coming that I can figure out to do with this sweet boy.

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I'm glad to hear his cleaning went well. That age difference is strange though.
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Awww, he sounds so sweet..Many prayers for him to find a wonderful home.
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I'm glad everything went well for Sam at the Vets.

That is very odd about the age difference.
I don't blame you, I'd be on the phone first thing in the morning with the Vets office too.
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Okay, got things cleared up on Sam. The paperwork I was looking at that listed his age 8 was incorrect and the result of a systems error. So, Sam is still a young guy, just like we thought.
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Well, it looks like I've gotten really, really, really Lucky on finding a place for Sam. A local rescue group has a place for him in one of their foster homes with two other FIV+ kitties. He'll be in permanent foster care, meaning that he'll technically be up for adoption, but if he doesn't get adopted, the rescue will take care of him for the rest of his life. Since this group doesn't have a shelter, Sam will be in a real home. I'm hoping to meet his foster mom sometime in the next week or two.

Sam is absolutely one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. It's going to really hard to let him go. I wouldn't hesitate to keep him if I could. The FIV isn't an issue. In fact, I've decided that when I'm in the position to have another permanent cat, I'm going to adopt an FIV kitty in Sam's honor. I know several people that an FIV+ living with their other cats and it's worked out fine.

As you guys already know, I end up being tempted to keep every cat that I foster and really struggle with letting them go. Sam has made me realize, though, that as great as the temptation might be, it's more important that I keep my number of permanent cats as it is so I have the space to continue to foster as the need arises and time allows.

Sam truly is an incredibly sweet, special boy. Please keep the vibes coming.
He'll probably go to his new home in the next couple of weeks, once he's off the antibiotics and back on dry food. Thanks, guys!
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That's wonderful news, Eileen.
I'm so happy for Sam.
You did a great job as usual
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Good on you for finding somewhere for this little one Eileen. It can be very tempting to keep fosters, but if we kept them all, we would be full very quickly, and then we woudln't have the space to help the next needy one, so good on you for being able to do the best by this one, and find him space in a good group where he has the best chance.
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That's great news, Eileen!
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That's great Eileen!
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Thanks, guys. I'm so grateful for all your vibes and prayers for sweet Sam. You're the best!
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That's great news Eileen...Way to go
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Well guys, Sam's still with me. He's off the antibiotics and back on dry food and ready to home to the rescue. They're not quite ready for him, though, because there's another cat in the foster home he's going to with some medical issues, so we're waiting to get that resolved. Not sure of the details, but you can spare some vibes for the kitty in question that would be great.

Meanwhile, I've been letting Sam have some supervised contact with my crew. Katie and Gracie aren't too thrilled with him - no surprise there. Peter and Claire have been fine with him and playing a bit. Pete was a bit taken aback, though, when Sam decided to groom him. That earned Sam a rare hiss from my sweet boy.

I love having Sam and he's no trouble, but please send vibes that the rescue is ready for him soon. The longer he stays, the harder it will be to let him go.

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He sounds like a wonderful kitty and I'm sending vibes that he'll be ready to be adopted soon - I do mean adopted and not just go to a foster home. I'll pray that some lucky person will want to have Sam to complete their life.
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I am glad you were able to find a place for Sam. He looks so much my Egore right down to the stripe in the back.

I am glad he is doing well.
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