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Does your cat...

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Does your cat love having it's belly tickled? Or does it clamp with all 4 paws and all it's claws and bite!? Tab loves having her belly tickled, but right now she can't be tickled too much because of her stitches

Anyway, does your cat love a belly-rub?
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Fortunatly, Wickett LOVES belly rubs. I say fortunatly because he always lie like this and I just can not resist giving his belly a god rub!
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Topaz loves it an will let you do it until your muscles cramp. Ari likes it, too, but only for a little while before he starts the bunny kicks.
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Both Spike and Oz will tolerate having their bellies rubbed for a few seconds, but will eventually start with the bunny-kicks and the biting. J's pretty bad -- he'll ignore their "stop rubbing my tummy!" signals and get them all riled up. Me, I don't like being bitten or clawed, so as soon as they start to show signs that they're getting tired of the belly-rubs, I stop.

Oz has this thing that he does where, if you rub his tummy, he'll wrap his paws around your wrist and gently bite down. If you pull away, he'll bite harder, but if you relax he'll let go.

Both of them have very rub-able tummies, though. Oz has a big golden belly and Spike has flashes of white on his tummy -- they're hard to resist!
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Tripod LOVES it and purrs like a train as soon as you start. Oliver likes it for a little while - when he's in th mood.

A cat I had when I was in school, Lancelot (RIP fine kitty), would tear your arms up from your elbows to your wrists if you even thought about rubbing his belly!
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Mine absolutely love it for about the first 15-20 minutes but after that they seem to get a little annoyed and give me a look like "um are you almost done? I have stuff to do"
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
aww thats a tum thats certainly needs a good tickling - sweet

Princess Pepsi lurves tummy tickles, she comes up to you, rolls over and mewks incessantly until you give her tum some serious tickles

Miss Moofi likes a tummy tickle now and then

Teddy likes a tickle but will have your hand in about two minutes

Dino - oh heck, a big no no - don't think I've ever tickled his tum like to keep my arms in one piece
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Fortunatly, Wickett LOVES belly rubs. I say fortunatly because he always lie like this and I just can not resist giving his belly a god rub!

How cute! He looks just like my Smudge!

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yeah, most of the time!
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most of my babys love there tummy rubed , but bergkhamp does not , iv learned not to touch his belly even if he does roll over and invites me to do it , as this is a trick and he will have your arm , but apart from that you can do almost anything else to him.
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Trout loves it for about 3 seconds, and then attacks me
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My 2 both kick the crap out of me! The only difference between the 2 of them is Petunia bites while she kicks me .
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That's what Summer does, and I can't resist giving her rubbings. Chevy copies her. LOL Sometimes he just wants to play though, but I back off them=n because I don't ant him thinking he can play with my hands.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post

Wickett looks alot my boy Luvbug, including being on his back.

Speaking of belly rubs - both my girls (Kuce and Lil' Jag) love belly rubs, especially Kuce. They will both purr and go 'into a trance'. Luvbug however, will give rabbit kicks if you touch his belly for more than 2 seconds.
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Trent ADORES tummy rubs! Which is very good, because he has a very rubbable tum. He also likes to be held like a baby while I'm watching TV and insists that I rub his tum while he snuggles in and takes a nap.

Mojo likes tummy rubs too, but she's so hyper that most of the time she doesn't have time for such things.

Ginger only likes it some of the time. Some of the time she stretches and invites me to pet her chest and tum, but this is a game wherein she just grabs my arm to kick and nibble on.

Ophelia will occassionally allow Daddy to touch the tum. If Meowmy even thinks about it, she will lose her arm. That's our deal.
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Tavia likes her belly rubbed for a little bit and then she kicks me when she's tired.
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Bird hated to have her tummy touched, until she got pregnant, and then at the end she begged to have her tummy massaged. She still loves it. Especially at night . Butterbean makes you think she wants her tummy rubbed, but actually, she wants her "armpits" rubbed . Heaven help if you get your wires crossed! . Meggie can't stand it (she can barely stand to have even her back petted ), and Smoocie will take your arm off too- if you ever somehow manage to get close to her while she's on her back...
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